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TBT and a side of new challenge

I made it, I made it! It's the last day of Helene in Between's April Instagram Photo Challenge , as well as my personal goal additionally to blog each day on the same topics, and here I come waltzing in with t-minus 5 minutes to spare. Whooooooo! I did it! 30 days straight of blogging and I feel good. Sure, some days were harder than others to turn up and I would think oh man, why did I challenge myself? Do I really have to keep my own word to blog each day that I take a #30photosinbetween picture too???? But, I set out to get the job done and done it is. Honestly, it gives me clarity, builds my endurance, and makes me focus all around when I have something like this happening. I truly enjoyed myself. So much so, that I am setting another challenge in motion.... One of my very favorite other bloggers is Taylor over at The Daily Tay . Taylor is by far one of the funniest individuals I've ever virtually encountered. I look forward to her blogs each day and

My View

My view today is simple, endearing, and accessorized. In short, just like I like things in life. I'm a proud University of Central Florida alumKNIGHT so when I was gifted this fab Alex and Ani jewelry piece, well let's just say my week was made. Twinkle, twinkle and knight knight dolls. Until we meet again, M

What I'm reading

I've read this one before, back when it first came out. It is pure gold. I love it so much I've actually gifted it twice to my mother-in-law. Accidentally. I'm pretty sure the second time, Sharon (my MIL), who is always lovely and very kind, smiled nicely and sweetly said, "Oh this one again." I love that woman. Also, you're welcome, Tina, for the double sale. I'm excited to drive back in and can't wait to giggle as much as I did the first time. Weeeee for reading! Until we meet again, M

Humans and Writers of New York, Florida and Everywhere

While Instagramming the other day, I found myself enchanted by a recent posting on the Humans of New York account . That's what I love about writing; inspiration lives everywhere! In this case, I came upon what would inspire me to write an entire blog post, quite honestly because at first glance, the man in the picture looked like Rowan Pope from Scandal. Side bar-Yes, we are late to the Scandal party, but catching up quick! Hunter and I love it. It's never as it seemmmsss! via via Anyhow, once I clicked on the two pictures dedicated to this fine gentleman, the caption completely captivated me. It read: “When I was a kid, I’d always wanted to be a writer. I even made a go of it when I was younger. I moved to California in my twenties, and tried to make it work. I almost sold a screenplay. I traveled around a bunch, and worked odd jobs, but by the time I hit my thirties, I said: ‘That’s it.’ And I went into the insurance business. I worked for a wonderful compan

Nailed It

I have been trying to eat clean for my daily life. Don't get confused, I'm not some die hard believer of that silly saying, "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels." Umm, clearly whoever said this, has never had shrimp and grits from the heart of New Orleans. Or raviolis in Little Italy. Or 4 Rivers BBQ. You get the point. But I am conscious of my day to day and the need for healthy eating and living and all that jazz. For example, I don't have a cookie just cause it's a cookie and it's there. I'm not wasting the calories on any ol'choc chip, know what I mean? Some days I fail, some days I soar. I work in an office environment where it's always someone's birthday, therefore there's always someone's cake. And if that doesn't happen, like clockwork at 3pm each day, I hit the crash and feel like if I do not get a sugar fix as soon as like yesterday, I will lose my mind. Basically, I turn into my Poppy and "just n

Omg Shoes

I'm a shoe gal...said most women everywhere. I've always been a shoe lady and most likely will always follow suit on this passion. I've done the leg work on all kinds and types, have the blisters and scars, and lack of closet space to prove it. In no particular order of preference, I have experienced the love and joy of the following types of shoe: wedges, espadrilles, stiletto, high rise boots, bootie boots, ballets, peep toe, gladiator, oh my! And of course there was that unfortunate phase of kitten heeled. Le, sigh. We've all got demons. What I've learned in my years of connoisseurship for feet accessories, is that the quote in the above picture is beyond correct. Whenever I need to hustle in the utmost of style, I've got my go to foot ditties. When the time comes to hustle in style yet comfort, I know. When the time calls for who cares how I feel, how do I look?? ...I'm on it. But for every instance we can imagine, the truth is in the foot

Fun in the Sun

30 minutes a day of cardio has widely been reported to be key in heart healthy living. I can get behind that. Thankfully, Florida is only at sweltering temperatures, not yet to the "dear God I need a fourth shower of the day, where is my portable spray bottle fan?" part of spring. We've still got a good 2 months to inch towards that reference point. We snapped the above picture on our morning trek this AM. We've been consistently logging 3-5 miles about 4-5 times a week so we are hitting the 30 minute marks and then some. Yesterday though, we did 8 miles in total. Between a 5 mile exercise hustle in the morning, and then an additional 3 while at UCF campus, we both woke up today like "hmm I feel a little extra". We quickly recalled that we put in some extra push yesterday. That's my kind of workout; the kind where you are living and it fits in to the groove of the day. How are you fun-ing and sun-ing these days? Until we meet again, M

Life is Beautiful

Whilst scrolling Instagram earlier today, I came upon this picture: Everything this says is the absolute truth. We all have our problems but really, if I threw mine in a pile with everyone else, I more than bet I would take mine back. Honestly, I believe if we all found appreciation for each others troubles, we would naturally diminish said troubles just simply by way of compassion. Just some food for thought. Speaking of.... So what is a little Friday night love fest on life's beauty without some delicious sushi? Happy weekending, muffins! Until we meet again, M

Pretty Little Things

A few of my favorite things for this late night post. I love my jewelry now, and of course some good office type accessories. I guess my overall theme to life is pretty little things in the form of decor, whether for body or desk. What are your favorite pretty little things? Until we meet again, M

The Great Outdoors

The great outdoors. Well there's not much to say about a view this pretty, so I'll let the picture do all the talking for today. Happy Wednesday, friends<3 Until we meet again, M

Talk to the hand, this is my totally my 250th blog post!

Raising a mug to this here blog space in celebration. This is quite a momentous moment! After all, it is my 250th post and for that I am quite proud. Blogging is hard business, my friends. And I'm not even into all the other parts like sponsorships, giveaways, so on and so forth. I'm just proud that I've kept this thing alive this long. Way more than I can say about any plant I've taken in. #RIPBasilplant #Ireallydidtryforyou. Blogging is also some of the most amazing business to be had. I particularly enjoy that this space serves as a virtual memory box to reflect on. I see growth, celebrations, recall good food recipes, vacations, holidays, milestones-just to name a few. Basically it's a compilation of all my favorite things in life and for that I love love love and adore this space of mine. Ohgabetta, the true meaning of love and joy and everything squishy and happy. To 250 more! Until we meet again, M

Self Portrait

One of my favorite artists is Norman Rockwell . I get this from my mom. In my house growing up, she always decorated with his work so I found my appreciation early from her. Seeing today's prompt, "Self Portrait", I immediately thought of Norman's self portrait work which I especially love: via So there we have it; my interpretation of muah, bow in hair and all, and we have Norman's. Kindred spirits I like to think. Other than that, Mondays. Woof. Until we meet again, M

Mornings like these...

Mornings like this morning are some of my favorites. I like to wake up whenever my internal clock tells me to, which is always before 8, and get some movement going. #longgonethedaysofsleepingtil3. I always leave the option there to sleep longer, but it never plays out like that. I quietly slip on workout clothes, sunscreen it up, grab a water, and hit the pavement. Right by our house is a trail that is just perfect for trekking along. There's a point where a line of woods end and just beyond there is a pond on the golf course. The sun always sits atop it beautifully, whether brightly shining or not quite there yet. I always stop and take it in. It reminds me of my hometown, a beach/river town, and gives me a sense of ease. Who says you have to go home to go home again? Oh and who says you have to have only one fave part of any morning or moment? Never me! This was my other favorite part of this morning: Coming home and whipping up breakfast for my bub and I to en

Colorful Life

Today we went to brunch and enjoyed lovely outdoor seating with a bit of shade. We sipped mimosas, blueberry raspberry for me, orange blueberry for Hunty, and both were quite quenching. For the Instagram Photo Challenge I've been participating in, today called for #colorfullife as our theme. I feel my capture of imagery exemplifies a pretty and dainty springtime look at some col-lah. Interestingly enough, our conversation centered on ambitions and aspirations for ventures that would offer a very colorful life. Both Hunter and I have thought for a while about pursuing some different interests, mostly along the lines of entrepreneurship. We both are creatively driven and eager to build a successful opportunity that will continuously grow. I'm excited to see what develops, after all I'm not afraid to live colorfully. I'm more afraid to live in dull shades. I mean hello, have you seen some of my outfit posts ? Until we meet again, M

Show Me What You're Working With

My day job is at a university where I work as an Admissions Counselor. I've talked before about my desk decor that I absolutely love. Desk life can be boring if you let it. Or you can have fun stuff on said desk and it's no longer boredom city. I love stationary so I have an abundance of it; fun other accessories like a high heeled tape dispenser; and inspirational words all around me because, well duh, I'm a writer and kind of into words. I also love having some of my loved ones all around me in pictures. Basically, you must have a happy space when working; it makes what you're working with that much better. Until we meet again, M

Most Favorite Time of Day

Truth be told, any given day presents a different time where I deem it my favorite. On weekends, I'm more likely to say mornings are my favorite because I have leisure time to workout, grocery shop, errand run, sleep in, just lounge, and of course brunch. During the week, I typically enjoy evenings more because of walks and jogs with ease of time in mind, catching up on TV, blogging, and as you see above: dinner time. I like cooking at home the most lately. It's a nice time to get creative, whip together some goodness, and then sit back to watch Shark Tank chat. Basically, I love not having to rush out the door to sit in the rat race of a drive to or from work. Which part of the day is your favorite? Until we meet again, M

Give me a W-A-T-E-R!

I've mentioned before how much I love water. I drink it more than anything and always feel good when I do. There is just nothing to beat it. The hydrating qualities, the ability it has to cure feeling tired, sick, achy, the way it makes skin, hair, and nails be fab-all of it is good to the last drop. So when today's Instagram challenge inquired what I was sippin on, well there could be no better explanation than what's shown above. Now I'm off to sip the rest of my gallons for the night right before bed. Super smart idea BTW. A real hydrated genius I am. Until we meet again, M

Treat yo self Tuesday

Lately, I'm feeling a pull back to some creative, fictional explorations in the form of my writing. Over many years, I have started different books here and there and haven't actually finished one. Said the writer, right? Standard story: I get an idea, start to divulge said idea into chapters, then lose my mojo for it. So here I am eager to begin another story again. The previous statement is easily a contender for the title of my biography at some point in my future, isn't it? Anyhow, moving along... I decided that I needed to get back to my love of leisure reading and promptly made my way to my neighborhood Target to fancy myself a new read for Treat Yo Self Tuesday . This book is an easy yet impacting read. The story line is high school based, but adulthood relevant. It's unique but relatable, which in my opinion is an excellent balance. One of the strongest aspects as well, is that there are 8, yes 8 , main characters and each is clearly defined very

Pops of Pink: Insta Photo Challenge, Day 13

I grew up in a beach town and am happy to say as each year goes on in my life, I am ever more grateful for this fact. With beautiful non-commercialized beaches, my hometown to this day offers the most amazing ocean side options. And no where in town is more than a 15 minute drive to said beaches so it's truly a fortunate aspect to living there. My lovey bunny and I ventured to the water today and had ourselves a much needed, very appreciated day of smelling salt in the air and sun loving, while under an adorable umbrella of course. So much of our time is spent running and going constantly, it's easy to get away from kicking back near the ocean. Our venture today was sporadic, we literally decided in about 20 minutes to jump up, grab towels, sunscreen, snacks, and hit the road east. While there, I remembered today's photo challenge was #popsofpink, and luckily found myself popping pink from my head to my toes nails. But really, the pop star here is the beautiful b

#30 Photos in Between: Chasing Light

My first baby girl dogter, she's special alright. Pepper Anne Roberts is a star and has been since she first came into my life and ate a single grape and then got sick all over our house while I was on campus for a long day. Pepper is a marvel and has been since she pulled the curtains off a window one time because a cell phone was left on the coffee table with a beeping sound and she spazzed. Pepper radiates beauty all day every day and makes it look easy. I love that dog, and her weird antics like hiding in corners when the air purifiers are on. Keep chasing the lights baby princess. Until we meet again, M

Flower Power: 30 Photos in Between

I was all ready to go on a trip to the farmer's market to get fresh blooms for today's post but plans changed. Instead, while spring cleaning the hizzy, Hunter found this gem of a picture buried away: About 9 years ago, one of my bestest friends Andrea made me an entire drawing of my future self, bow in hair, flowered attire and all, and including but not limited to features of my future castle, manolo heels, stretch limo on 24s (naturally), and my very own dragon in the backyard! Yea, that's right, my very own dragon! That's the thing about best friends; they believe in you and see your star power and support you no matter how crazy your vision board of greatness may be. Until we meet again, M

30 Photos in Between: Who Do You Love?

Today we are a 1/3 of the way through #30photosinbetween. Milestones are always exciting aren't they? Kids! You know I love 'em! (Name that Tim Burton movie and you win all the cool points). Today's topic is a mushy gushy one. #Whodoyoulove. I went with this cat bear. I think I've said it many a times on this blog alone how much I love this guy . He is kind, charming, funny, smart, well-mannered, protective, supportive, and all around a 10+++. Gagging? Let's proceed... By no means do I mean it to be taken any other way than good, but I didn't have a clue I would grow to love someone so tremendously when I first met Hunter. I was a 21 year old college party girl tanning daily, hip on the bar scene, running with my gf's all day every day, and just not in a place where I said, hey I'm looking to meet somebody to start a life with. Thank the lord I did. 8 almost years later and I still feel like I hit the karmic jackpot of some kind o

TBT Indeed! Link Up: I was the kid who...

Linking up with The Daily Tay to talk about what kind of kid I was... I was the kid who was so chunky and bald, that despite my ears being pierced at 3 months old and bows taped to my head, was continuously referred to as "what a big bruiser," and told "he's gonna go far with State". My poor mom cried and cried for months. She calmed down when I got age 3. I was the kid who apparently never wore shirts. Neither does did Mike either though soooo... I was the kid who positively adored dressing up. To the nine's. Like I'm pretty sure this was a random Tuesday night dinner out and I INSISTED on having fresh baby's breath in my hair. My parents probably figured best to just humor me than dispute. I was the kid who left my parents with no choice other than to add a chain link lock, that I could not reach, to my walk-in closet door when I was 4 because of my many-a-day costume changes. I mean, when they built the house

Photo Challenge: Word Play

My mom gifted me this sign a few years ago and it sits on my desk at work. It's a daily reminder to stay in the fight, stay in the groove, and just stay in the moment sometimes. It can be hard to not get discouraged if things don't go the way you think they should. It's important to not over think sometimes though and trust in the way things happen. Just never give up and never stop going after whatever you want. Be a dreamer, a doer, a mover, and a shaker always. Until we meet again, M

Photo Challenge: Pawsibly the Cutest Pet

Oh my girls. They are the best of friends and love each other soooo big. Until of course little Ro decides to boss Pep around too much. Then they chase each other round and round. I suppose it's always the little ones who demand how the situation will go, isn't it? Until we meet again, M

View From Above

Salutations friends and happy Monday to you! It's going to be a good week, am I right? Speaking of... While attempting to get the house in order for the week, I headed downstairs and caught a glimpse of little Miss Roni princess face nestled good on the hot, fresh towels I planned to fold next. Ay yi yi. My dog beauties, they sure know how to get squishy and comfy fast! I must say, it is an awfully cute view from above to stumble upon. Until we meet again, M

#30 Photos in Between: Easter!

This year's Easter was extra special in our family. It served as a perfect reminder that love is all you need with family and friends. Thankful to feel extra grateful for fun times with special peeps and I hope you do too. See you tomorrow friends!! Until we meet again, M

Photo Challenge Day 4: Pastels!

Stopping in for #30photosinbetween today. We're talking pastels! I love love love Easter and the springtime colors that come with it. This comes in the form of my outfits (which to be honest, I dress like an Easter egg all throughout the year anyways, so today is just another opportunity to blend canary yellow and lavender), my decor at home, and in the always fun egg hunt preparation. That little basket of goodies right there was stocked with jellybeans, Starbursts, fake bugs, race cars, and some cash money. Basically all the essentials for a good life. Until we meet again, M

Photo Challenge: Coffee Break

Fri-yay! What a day for a cup of the freshest, most savory, most yummy coffee ever, right? If there ever was a day for it, Friday should be it... On that note, I prefer tea most mornings over coffee. I do enjoy good ol'coffee at certain times of course, but tea is just better for me all around. It calms, soothes, and it's really just flavored water. And I do love my water . You say potato, I say chamomile. How do you take your tea or coffee? Until we meet again, M

Photo Challenge: Where Do You Find Inspiration

With Easter being my second favorite holiday, right after Halloween of course , it's been on my mind since last Sunday. As I was pondering today's prompt for #30photosinbetween , I also happened to be perusing the Target toy and Easter aisles for my nephew's basket and egg hunt. It got me thinking, how I find inspiration from projects and creativity. Which is interesting, because inspiration leads to both of those as well. It's the cycle of a creative person's life, I like to think. When I have a party to plan, or an event to coordinate, or something as simple as an Easter basket to create, I live for the inspiration that brews deep from within me to make it fabulous. So for today's post, I share with you my latest gathering of details for this coming Easter Sunday. I found inspiration for more than a basket and egg hunt really, I found it for this post. There goes that full circle of life again... Where is your inspiration coming from? Until we me

Photo Challenge Day One: A Few of My Favorite Things

Some of you may remember the awesome blogging challenge I participated in for October, known as Blogtober . In short, the challenge was to write every single day of October, even on weekends. There were awesome prompts, like this one and this one , oh and this one too . I loved this challenge the minute Helene and Taylor unveiled it. I met the goal of writing all 31 day too. On one hand, it was not an easy feat. On the other though, it was a breeze because I love blogging and writing and being pushed to get creative with a prompt. It was such a fun time and I was honestly sad to see it end. So here we are starting April (which is crazy talk to me) and the fabulous Helene has invited all her virtual friends to jump aboard an Instagram photo challenge known as #30photosinbetween . Basically, there are prompts again, but just like the writing challenge you can choose to adhere or pick a different pic to put up. For me, I've decided to accept this opportunity for both