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"The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize"

The title of this post stems from one of THE greatest, most fabulous films EVER and if it does not ring a bell, well, we need to talk... Francescas's: earrings (bought Christmas time 2011) Forever 21(All bought years ago and loved every bit today as the day I brought them home): top colorful & gold bangles flowers for hair blue skirt H&M(Bought years ago): wooden bangle teal beaded bracelet from Target(purchased in the last 4-6 months): slim belt sweater Nine West(Blue bought summer of 2008; tan bought 2012): blue sandals tan wedges

Totally lovesy-bubsy post full of pics!

Hunter turns 28 today. I cannot believe I have known this guy since we were weee little 21yr old be-bees. I have to say, since the day I meant him, such a brief encounter, I have been drawn to him. Drawn meaning I knew he was a good soul. I don't know a lot in life but I know good souls. At the time in my life when I met Hunter, I was transitioning into a place of steadiness and new self awareness. He truly could not have come into my life at any more perfect of a time. I have learned entirely too much from him and there is no way to say it then it is majorly into a place of good. Hunter is smart, charming, funny, kind, and he goes above and beyond on any task he sets out to do. It's ridic how wonderful he is actually. He showed my Poppy his old streets in Brooklyn from his iPhone and even though Pop said "Ahh no. There were no trees, that's not it." Hunter did not give up nor did he even make a face that showed any aggravation like I probably would

Well, lookie lookie here, the ol'gal hits ten!

My baby girl is ten today! I cannot even believe this day is here. My beautiful, oldest dogter, Pepper Ann Roberts. My angel-pudding-cake-punkin-strudel furball of deliciousness is all grown up. The love Hunty and I have for this beast, well, it is unmatched. She is our sunshine, my ol'gray face, and the most wonderful counterpart to her sista from another mista, Ro-Ho, aka the Roni to her Pepper. I'd like to look back at this amazing being in our lives and celebrate so many good times. Without further a-do...The beautifulest girl in all the land! Who? Me?? Yes, you! the pepper baby princess: I mean, really. To your next ten baby girl! -the Dogmother

An outfit a day....

It's fun to try different pairings with clothes. This is nothing anyone who knows me well has not heard me say time and time again. But really, all stereotypical "girls like to shop" jokes aside, I find it therapeutic and it allows expression. I am a fan of expression, this is true. Nana keeps a watchful eye on my digs. (H&M bracelet, Target earrings, big bauble ring from momma which she scored from TJ Maxx) This necklace. I can't even begin to talk about the love of this treasure. Franny's, aka Francesca's, you have my heart! Earrings from Franny's too and they make me sing with happiness. Light weight, add a nice splash of color and they are a fabulously fair price. I ended up wearing pink sweater, vintage boyfriend style from Target, and my slim, green belt(<--- still my favorite spring time pick up ). I wore black ballet flats too instead. Baby pink bow atop a ponytail. Loved it.