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To those who gave and for those who keep on giving

Greetings from Memorial weekend. A little sunshine, some BBQ, movie time, and the most obvious activity to acknowledge: celebrating heroes who made this holiday possible. A tremendous holiday indeed and a time to reflect on the stories you've heard or the moments you've lived about serving the country you very much love is what it's all about.

A dear friend of mine served with the Marines and proudly so. Not only am I proud of her too but thankful she was courageous enough to answer her call of duty. It's rare to find good friends with great qualities so when you find one with a sense of selflessness you appreciate that characteristic. My friend served her time and has gone on to new adventures, such as mommy-hood and education, and I'm most sure she offers the same dedication to each moment in her life now as she did in her military hours. As they say, Semper Fidelis dear friend.

To all those who made this day a day worthy of acknowledgment, thank you.

"I just like to smile. Smiling's my favorite"-- Elf

One of my favorite celebs to follow for the last six or so years is the one, the only LC from Laguna Beach and The Hills. Always classy and innovative, the Orange County gal has maintained a down to earth, honest personality despite being thrust into the spotlight and becoming one of the most admired stars of her generation. Of all the role models for young girls and grown women to have Lauren Conrad flies high above the other contenders.

Recently launching two sites, one being Lauren's personal website completely redone and refabulized, and the second entitled which is co-authored with her hair and makeup stylists, you can expect both sites to be fun, informative, and just helpful on everything from hair to decor to inspiration. The stylists, Kristin Ess and Amy Nadine, provide nothing short of amazing advice in their given areas of expertise. On Lauren's specific site she has been doing a list of favorite things w…

At Last! Person Who Hung Moon Discovered!

Mommy Dearest: This same woman who calls me EVERY time the Animal Planet has monkeys swinging from tree to tree, with a sense of urgency not unlike a person running from a burning building, to tell me the unseen footage aka my baby videos that she "didn't sell" is on. Um...Thanks....

The number one person you want to call when its good, bad or indifferent is mom. When she's not around the only person even slightly comparable is any superhero free form saving the world that minute.

Among several nicknames I've affectionately referred to her as Momma Love since seeing the movie The Client. It's a shame my mom didn't have more children besides me because she definitely holds enough heart and dedication to have raised a small army. In high school it wasn't unheard of any given Sunday for me to walk in from work to find a couple friends already setting the table for Sunday dinner or even on the couch, feet kicked up, not even looking directly at me with t…

"I had a pretty poor start...but I had a good finish."---C.S.Choules

Some believe in destiny, some believe in fate but I believe happiness is something we create. ---Sugarland

I'm all about happy news stories, even sad happy ones. Sometimes I get lost in my day to day as a means of always staying on top of my obligations-commitments-projects etc. I always do much better when I have numerous things to cross off the daily to do list. What can I say? Thriving chaos suits. When lucky enough, I stumble upon something that will remind me to come up for air and it's a refreshing, thankful time.

The story below was this week's clarity inducing moment. To anyone who may need to step back for a minute, read this and may you do nothing but enjoy :)|main5|dl3|sec3_lnk1|60767

Happy Ears

Happy Thoughts:

Goldmine finds such as eggplant at the Farmer's Market the size of Montgomery for a dollar

The perfect bit of cocktail jewelry to add to the family

Mint Sorbet nail polish

Naturally messy, wavy hair running wild under a hat of any sort

Pup Love, envisioning the hugeee yard we will one day own to provide fun and excitement and table scraps to tons of furry babies, adding to our dynamic duo The PepperRoni


Bub Love

30 minutes or more of uninterrupted friend talk

Newwwwwwwwww Yorkkkkkkkkkk

Retrieving the mail on a day when a magazine arrives

Old photographs that radiate nostalgia, provoke intrigue, causing the need to rush immediately to fetch a frame or shuffle fridge decor to create room

When my amazing Mum calls to say she found the book I wanted for $2 and chain stores are still asking full sleeve price HA! I think not!

Louisiana Roll from Fuji Sushi, delish with a kick!

Mob Wives on VH1-is that judgment I sense?

Hearing my dad or …

Fat Rat

Pep, do you mind if I watch some TV now since you're napping?

Didn't think so.

Flower Devour

Never get so busy making a living you forget to make a life. Catchy right? Well I cannot take credit for such words of wisdom but I can tell you both Hunter and I loved the plaque we purchased from Kirkland's and then proceeded to hang above our dining table that read such insightful words. Upon choosing to hang it where we did, we reasoned it was fitting since most families don't have dinner sitting down at their table any more and we should try to remember to slow down every so often. Poetic, I know.

These days both the Bubsy and I run, run, run all week long trying to get to Friday at 6:00:

Mondays are Mondays. If you learn one thing as an adult it's to let the misconception that Mondays are evil go and wear red heels to offset the anger you used to feel for that day of the week.

By Tuesday we're itching for the weekend and aggravated by all forms of traffic annoyances, frustrated that the dogs aren't behaving and in bed by 10 ready to wake up and it not be Tues…