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Focus on some happy, loves!

Why are memes so funny?? They are a true God send because they absolutely offer a good giggle when times are tense.I admit I enjoy the memes a LOT.
Where did these tidbits of glorious enjoyment originate from?I ought to do some research.For now I guess I'll just keep meme-messaging my peeps and bursting into fits of laughter when I find an extra good one.Or possibly tears when it's heartfelt.Memes-the new box of chocolates; just never know what you're gonna get!

Focus on some happy, loves!

Ways social media IS great

We all hear about the ways social media can be plain awful and annoying. It what about the positives?Allow me to go on...
Patience improver-When running errands recently it dawned on me the ease of mind when stuck waiting for something-a doctor's appointment, a friend for a meet up, while your significant other runs into a store.
Showcasing work-Or refining a hobby, whichever floats your boat.Having a digital display of your work is easier than ever and if you have something to show the world you should get to it!Life is too short not to make time for what you love to do and sharing that with the world should you wish to.
Staying connected-It really is awesome to stay in the loop with friends and family you don't get to see or talk to as much as you would like.For example, my youngest cousins who are twins are just 3 years old. They live in my hometown and I don't get to spend near as much time in their everyday world as I would like to.But I get to keep up like times n…

Meet the Blogger

It's been a looooonnng time since I've done an About Me feature.It's always fun to learn who the individual behind the blog is, at least that's what I think:
-I'm Megan, 31 years old, living in Orlando.

-I spend my days with the love of my life Hunter and our two beautiful dogters Pepper & Roni.Pep is a 13-1/2 year old lab-shepherd mix and Ro is an almost 9 year old teacup Pomeranian.And yes, the little one runs all of the house.

-Hunter and I will celebrate 10 years together this August and while engaged for five years, we are not legally married.People are very intrigued by this.
-My favorite color is glitter, my favorite cupcake is vanilla with buttercream frosting, and I believe strongly in accessorizing.
-Hunter and I own our own business known as Social Cap.We are a new media agency offering a range of multimedia services and it's just shy of being 2 years old.Hands down, leaving an office job and going out on this venture has been a decision I haven&#…

Writing under the radar

I love coming here just to write.We all need an outlet and this is mine.I'm enjoying taking 30 minutes daily to write.Whatever is on the tip of my mind is fair game for subject and however long or short is the right answer.It's divine to have this space.
Writing here centers me.I need my own creative outlet.Especially because professionally I am constantly using creativity for work projects and I'm the type of creative who needs to nurture my own to be most effective otherwise.
Any other creatives feel this too?

My favorite day

If I was to pick a day of the week that's my favorite I'd go with Saturday.

I love the potential of a Saturday.It comes after the pressure and ease alike of a Friday.It allows you time for catch up-be it sleep, visiting with family, or completing projects around the house or office.Saturday evenings are also nice to either get into bed early to veg out or get dolled up to go out.The possibilities are endless!
Maybe it goes back to being a 90s kid watching the TGIF line up every week.I got stay up later that night to do so, we had pizza, and quite often I had a friend staying over. Saturday back then offered so much potential as well.Hands down, Saturdays are the jam.

3 Clean Eats Wish List Items

So I study and review a lot of different food and brands more than ever.I'm very much conscious of what I'm feeding hunter and myself.I think of the expression "Your biography becomes biology" and yet inspires me to research ways to make good healthy food.
I've found some utterly awesome accounts to follow on Instagram mostly and I lean on these folks for recommendations.Currently on my list are the following items:
Jill's Mediterranean crackers Kraut Sprouted bread-type to be determined...
A fave Instagramer of mine shared a recipe using these crackers as flour for healthy, bomb chicken tenders.I am so so intrigued, as is hunter.
I like Kraut and think it will be good to mix in to salads or veggie bowls for added natural flavor.
Apparently sprouted bread is better for digestion.I like the sounds of that so going to give a whirl.
Stay tuned for follow up recipes and creations.

Love Well

I'll just leave this right here for anyone in need of a reminder:

You can't go wrong with this advice.When you come from a place of genuine, heart, mind, and body felt love, some kind of magic is projected.Let's do more of that this year.Find your love place and radiate those vibes. What's it going to hurt to give a go?

Nonner's Nachos

Our youngest nephew Connor just turned 5 and he's marvelous.We wanted to find a great gift idea that would be interactive and provide a fun experience versus picking out another set of Legos.
Whenever Connor comes to our house for a weekend visit we cook.Specifically, we make French toast.He knows when he wakes up that it's time for his culinary abilities and promptly lets me know--and remembers the vanilla more than I do as well.He also cooks at his house and my sister in law loves to cook so I'm excited for them to have more fun with his new gear.
We picked out an apron and chef hat and decorated it slightly to be official for Connor to lead the way for Nonner's Nachos (one of his nicknames) and Quesadilla a la Connor (actual name).Once we're done cooking, we have the proper material markers so he can decorate more his style and have his apron ready to go for when he's at home and helping Mama cook too.
Love getting creative with gifts and having fun.N…

Egg Salad Sammy

Whipped up some hard boiled eggs, mixed with Greek yogurt, sliced some grape tomatoes, and a few splashes of hot sauce served with toasted white bread.  Wa. La.Clean, healthy, and filling.
I like simple food and I like easy preparation for it.Bam.

Self care

The other day I got myself worked up.It was early in the morning and I got lost in thought and before I knew it I let anxiety creep in and had myself exhausted before 9am.

That's never fun.Anyone who suffers from anxiety (which to be honest everyone does in some form) struggles to understand why it happens when it does.Just as quick as it came on and I worked myself up, I talked myself down.Actually, I felt myself kick into a fight or flight feeling and forced a zen like mindset.I needed it and I knew it.I went mellow and after a little time I recognized that was just what I needed.
Self care really is a crucial aspect to life.We all need to take time to zen out, zone out, and just be.It does wonders giving ourselves the best love.As hard as we must work to make dreams happen and goals be met, it's equally as important to know how to listen to what we physically and mentally need in those times of panic or angst.
Never be afraid to look out for you.It's the most contin…

6 minute power yoga

I'm giving this lesson a go this week:
Really hoping it wakes me up for a new yoga journey.I've had spurts of yoga appreciation over the last 10 years-took a graded class in college, have attended gym sessions with a friend, followed a random DVD program--just always studying the art of it.
I'm eager to see how a regular routine of it will enrich my days.For me, the best case scenario of outcomes:
-better breathing to help with overall respiratory irritants -clearer mind, renewed focus -getting back to flexibility -overall physical strength improvement
I just hope I do better at not analyzing my grocery list or to do items while in child's pose.Namaste!

Save room for grace

When people, places, or things don't follow the plan, have some extra grace reserved.There truly is not that much to get heated up over and let it wreck a day.Honestly, I know we are all guilty (oh yes I am!) of getting grumpy when silly mishaps occur.But at the end of the day, is it so terrible that you can't fathom getting up in the morning?Really?
Again, I'm no innocent to losing my mind when something gets mixed up.I am however aware of it and aiming to be in tune with my attitude being affected negatively.I'm more into the "Ok, well that didn't go as...What can we do now?"
Simple is as simple does.For that, I am further grateful.


For me January is about intending more than resolving.Fighting off the dreaded holiday hangover is perhaps as grueling and basic as it sounds and requires a very direct approach to feeling human again:
-Simple, clean ingredients -plentiful and planned sleep
I usually feel the effects of how I treat my mind and body from the week before's treatment.I've felt like a zombie the first week of January, seemingly from the previous week's holiday food/drink/lack of sleep bender.
This meal was quick, easy, healthy, and filling.Yummmmm.....mmmm!

I feel you, Alexander

This is undeniably one of my absolute favorites books from childhood.And after the month of December during adulthood.
Is anyone else dragging these first few days back to real life after all the holiday fun?All the excitement and chaos is done and it's back to hustling and remembering to set alarms and meal prep?Don't get me wrong, I love routine as much as the next OCD gal, but today and yesterday I am fumbling.It's like Murphy's Law I swear.
I need to get a good, solid night of sleep.I don't sleep poorly luckily, but I feel I am not sleeping enough.I'm terrible at resting extra and even worse during this time of year.I'll get it together one of these days and realize I do better when well rested.In fact, I think that's where I'm headed.
Night love bugs.

Another 3 Things

3 Things are my favorite:
I'm loving Panera's cleaned up ingredients for their menu options.I tried the Chipotle Melt and it was quite yummy.I got chips with it and it was, as always, delicious.Hunter's Italian was very tasty as well.

We did Christmas Bingo with Hunter's family and it was so much fun!We had two piles- one for kid items and one for the grown ups.We grabbed a mix of things like gift cards, adult coloring books, and Harry Potter jelly beans for the kids.Those were so much fun!Everyone's reactions were fantastic.  Here's just a glimpse of mine when enjoying some delicious dirt and sausage jelly beans:

I am making this.I'll hold while you salivate momentarily...
I'm most excited for the fact that I recognize every ingredient as items I have in my kitchen right now.Scratch that, I'll need to get fresh carrots and celery.I may also tweak it after researching more to see how I can convert it to an egg drop type base with everything else as t…