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“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” –Bill Cunningham

I love this bear I saw one morning awaiting my cup'o'joe at Starbizzy. Precious does not begin to cover it. Fashion is one of my absolute favorite things in life and I enjoy all opportunities to participate with it. Shows, viewings, up front, backstage, you name it and I'm there. Fashion is a chance to express yourself in all kinds of ways. You can keep things at center, meaning you are who you are personally and personality wise, but you can explore new physical you's by partaking in fashion choices. I absolutely loved this outfit I assembled together last week. Bright, cozy, and it allowed the ability to factor in extra fun accessories. Wearing this made my day that much brighter in other aspects too. Even when life moments happen and you can't avoid doing certain things, aka being an adult basically, at least you can feel happy because you are in fact wearing a rainbow. See? Perspective. Glass way full of color, rising over the top. Forget that h

Hug harder. Laugh louder. Smile Bigger. Live Longer.

Seeing two of our nephews bond when the one visited recently was nothing short of amazing. Being only 4 months a part in age makes for a built in BF for them, endless adorableness and funny moments for the rest of us. Factor in a cool Uncle "Unter" and well, you get: A box of vanilla wafers "dropped" on the floor. Uh huh, not sure I believe it was really an accident but hey, it's cool A nap time rebel/comrade Lunch companion Support system These 3 again... ay yi yi. It's reflection on these types of moments that can bring the brightest smile ever to my face. Til we meet again my furry friends Xo

The secret to having it all, is loving it all...

Happy Turkey Thanksgiving Day! May your day be filled with the Macy's parade bright and early; plentiful amounts of turkey-or preferred tradition of food midday; and a replay of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Wait for me, Clark and Eddie, I'm on my way! Now without further babbling, here is a list of what I am most thankful for at this time: 1. Hunter Bear-my wonderful and loving person for life. Oh how thankful I am to have this creature in my world. Laughs and love to the moon and back. 2. I have a really great mom and family support system. Between mine and Hunter's people, we are truly loved unconditionally. What more is needed? 3. Obvi the dogters make me thankful. Those furballs bring joy, laughs, and the best hugs ever to the table. especially when said table has human food intended for sharing. 4. My chosen family: my friends. I have met people who are kind, smart, focused, funny, motivated, dedicated, loving, and out of this world.

I tried to be normal once...worst 2 minutes of my life.-Bill Murray

Some things making me giddy as of late: Brunch with yummy goodness like fruit and donut hole kabobs. Baked Blueberry French Toast and a hot cup of hazelnut coffee is perfection on a Sunday morning: Our first niece(!!!!!), Elyssa: Attending a "Master Cupcake Decorating" class with Miss Holly herself from Sweet Cupcake shop. This was a birthday gift to my lovey friend Lizetty and we had so, so much fun: Boy, relieving these yummy treats all around is quite pleasant indeed. Stay sweet ya selves, toots ;)