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Anyone who knows me well knows I am mildly spastic when it comes to certain tasks. I accept this award and I would like to thank my parents, for treating me like an only child the 13 years I was one. It's quite possible they loved me so much they wanted to really keep me from the dangerous moments in life such as driving at night...changing a tire...refilling a propane gas tank for a grill. While some of my friends were doing all of these tasks never leaning on the "But I'm a girl" excuse, I was perfectly content leaving these hobbies to others. Now, as far as that last example, taking in a gas tank to switch, these contraptions are quite scary. Since I am super afraid of my shadow at times, they are also a recipe for a disastrous for me and comical for others endeavor. Hunter has known me going on five years and knows me as well as my mother does yet still included me in his trip to Lowes. Silly, silly boy.

The trip started fine; the tank unhooked normal and I watch…

Do you miss us yetta Etta?

As I sit listening to the best of Etta, rip, I'm thinking about her life. She was known just as much for her powerhouse voice as her struggles. She battled an extremely heavy drug addiction and numerous other drawbacks, pretty much all industry influenced. Despite the world against her some days, at last she indeed found a calm and it seems from news reports she did live out her last days in peace. Ailments did plague her of course but it seems she found her peace with just life. That is such a tremendous feat and something I wholeheartedly admire.

I think this is why I have always had an extreme admiration/love for the elderly. My high school job was at a retirement community. It was the kind of place more active senior citizens moved when they really wanted to have that Florida, beach town sunny weather with all the things you could want. The place had a hair salon, banquet halls ready for various game and card nights, a crystal dining room(which is where I worked- loved it!) an…

Happy Birthday Pahtner

Today is my Poppy's birthday. This is our first one without him. He would have been 81 today. So hard to imagine he's now merely above us all watching and tsking and shaking his head when I take my weekly sip of a soda. He always picked up a can or bottle and would read the label and say something to the effect of "garbage" and "everything you put in your body comes out in one form or another." As I've gotten older and over my "I hate authority or anyone telling me not to do something" adolescent phase (I think) I appreciate it more than ever.

I think I miss his wisdom the most. He was so insightful and thoughtful when he answered questions about anything. Like all good Poppys, he always had a story to accompany his answer. Sometimes two stories, and you would remind your self you asked for this. He never lost his patience with reteaching a lesson. He always acted like it was the first time he taught you something.

Poppy taught me that there i…


Meet Penelope Morgan. She is lovingly named for the flirtation between Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds. That's right.

Behold, my baby girl: