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There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed -Ernest Hemingway

Sometimes it's nice to come to this space and just go. Don't think, don't plan, don't have a picture to go with the outcome. Just be here. It's an open space that offers free range on anything you desire to talk about. Well, then, I suppose I'll go along with it.

I'll never understand people who criticize the president. Right, left, protects the rich, protects the poor; this person is our leader. Once elected, bullshit aside folks. Like it or not. As a country united, hence our title, sometimes it's okay to lean off a little and just support. It's like my grandma always says about her kids and grandkids, "I can say whatever I want to them and tell them it's ridiculous what they said or did but I'll be damned if anyone else will." We should all adopt some form of this logic. Not rip to shreds the person or take any opportunity to attack the "other side". I am no political expert nor do I wish/claim to be, but s…

Some believe in destiny, some believe in fate; I believe happiness is something we create

Well, weekend you did not disappoint. I had so much fun I decided to do my weekend recap post on Wednesday. Fancy me that!

On Saturday, a friend of mine was surprised for her birthday brunch (with mimosas naturally) making it a glorious success:

Happy birthday Cassandra!

So then, Ronda and I says, hey it's Saturday. Let's hit up the good ol'ale House to grab a few bevs with my Hunty. We had a good time y'all!

Then I needed a little nappy and some Advil. I woke up in the late evening to enjoy some random movies a la television by the likes of Grandma's Boy, She's All That, and then some House Hunters. What can I say? I didn't choose the thug life, it simply chose me. No, I don't think I got that right exactly...

Sunday presented homework and work so ehh, but then! The Grammys were on!!! Weeeee they were so good! The fashion, the laughs, the music!! Personally my overall favorites of the night were Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar, Queen Bey…

Because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing

Alright, Alright, Alright, Allll-right! (Thank you Matthew Mcconaughey for this amazing line from the Golden Globes).

Friday, you sure are pretty. Lawd, I am beyond thrilled to see you. The agenda this weekend:
-friend surprises
-cook something extravagant and delightful
-third to last homework assignment
-finish the amazing fashion book from my aun-tay
-drink hot tea
-pet my dogters
-watch HGTV w/my bub

I will also squeeze work in but it's okay because it is a short day.

Also, the plan to hatch some blogging ideas exists and I will be working on a client promotion project as well. So, there we have it. My projected weekend itinerary. These kinds of weekends, low key and fabulous, is where it's at. Plus, it's still cold out and this asthmatic Floridian needs to check herself before she wrecks herself.

What do you have planned?

See ya Monday Funday blogging world!

Til we meet again,

Do what you love everyday!

So in true indecisive human fashion, I set an outline yesterday, mentioned a possibility I'd throw that outline right out the window and lookie lookie, one day later I'm doing just that. I disclaimed this would happen. I just know myself too well.

Anyhow, today I shall take a quiz. In a sorta-kinda way, this is telling a tale so I'd say I am only about 50% off the mark of my projected outline topic, which would be Thursday's Tell-a-Tale day. See? Life works out for $300, Alex!

For my quiz today, I am taking from one created by one of my blogger faves, Two Thirds Hazel, and pulling some questions from a little diddy she created a few weeks back.

Name: Megan K Hyde

Nickname: Mouse, Meggie, Boo, Moo, Bubsy, Hey Kid (kinda kidding)

I know it's a little weird but: I have NEVER eaten a PB&J. Ever.

You'll never see me: holding a cat. Severely allergic to 9/10 cats I meet. Not a big risk taker in this department.

I don't get enough: Digital detoxing

The best …

If we wait until we are ready, we'll be waiting the rest of our lives

I've set a challenge for my writer self, as discussed yesterday, and more specifically that challenge is to adhere to five posts a week. Of course there will be weeks that 3-4 will be the average and that's okay. It's simply a challenge to me, from me and I will aim to meet the bar I am setting as best I can.

I have set up a few themes for days I am at a loss for any other topic to cover. Call it the many writing practices I have gone through throughout my schooling for writing, but I often have found that a, dare I say, "restriction" actually pushes for more creativity.

Really, this is just to get me going on my consistent mojo. These will most def morph into something else but for now this is the blueprint for days when I want to write but need a little self push. Feel free to join in and use the prompts for any of your days:

Monday: If I could...this is where I challenge myself to be brave. Want to say something? Do something? Then get to it and write i…

“Opportunity does not knock, it presents itself when you beat down the door.”—Kyle Chandler

This quote is everything. Nothing compares to a hard earned accomplishment; one where you pave your own path, build up the terrain about said path, and then maintain it. I am on a high from graduating soon yes, and open to the possibilities of what's to come. Optimism is my best friend and I cannot wait to knock heartily on some doors.

The hardest part to most anything is the beginning. Working out, starting a new job, a business, it's all difficult initially. But really, once the first door is opened, it's easier from there. I have so many ambitions and things I want to add to my list of doors knocked down. Out of everything learned this past year from school, I am most thankful to have learned that possibilities are endless and it really is a world where you can do anything you want, as long as you put the time in for it. Simple as that.

So, in effort to keep me accountable on some goals, I am enlisting the ol'blog world's help. Here, in no particular ord…

I really need a day between Saturday and Sunday

What a weekend. I feel so fortunate while exhausted and rejuvenated at the same time. I freaking love weekends.

This weekend was a mix of work and play. Homework had to be done by both Hunty and I but we still managed time for a lunch out for a fresh fish sandwich for me an a buffalo chicken for him. Plus margaritas, which were on special Saturday.

This and the fact I got my homework done early made me a very happy lady. This is only the third time in the last 12 months homework got done early BTW. 2 weeks to go folks. 2 weeks...

Let's see. Oh yea, I also binged on Teen Mom 2 repeats, watched The Help, and read through my Christmas gift from my aunt Janine. And the newest People Style Watch. This is what my dreams are made of.

Sunday I attended a work event and then ventured off to Monkey Joe's to watch our handsome nephew Connor explore and celebrate him turning 2.

He's a beautiful creature and quite possibly stole my heart yet again with his newest statement: w…