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Think so hard

Sometimes I think too hard about things.Doesn't matter the subject or context, can be a brief pain or discomfort I feel, can be the right words to write, might be my grocery list.Not all the time thankfully, because truth be told I hate feeling worn down from overthinking.It is one of my very least favorite experiences on a given day.
It's funny particularly thinking of this in regards to writing; for work when I feel this way I think, type, delete, think, type, delete, and berate myself for lack of ability to complete the task at hand.What?You don't go through the creative process of "this is great!This is garbage.I am garbage!This isn't so bad.Hey this is alright."Just me and Hemingway?Oh okay.
When I write for leisure like for this space, I often catch myself rereading my words going "wtf, mate?"In either scenario, I usually come through by just writing "shit" and then combing over.My advice I guess is keep going, keep writing, scrat…

Work it out

There are many distinctions between working in a more corporate type position and working for myself primarily out of a home office.For one, I get to make breakfast and lunch in the comfort of my kitchen fresh and don't have to lug 7 and a half Tupperware to the office to assemble a halfway decent meal.
I also love that I can set the entire tone for my space be it with music streaming, the temperature, and with mindful exercises.I'm much more aware of my inner peace levels and throughout a day I often practice various exercises to promote wellness and calm, logical thoughts to get tasks accomplished.I want to continue on this course more than anything because I feel inspired and grateful most when I'm self aware.
The last couple of days I've felt a little foggier and kind of bleh but it's also been raining here pretty much all day every day for about 2 weeks.It's messing with me mostly in the sense of my sinuses being out of whack from all that the r…

Wednesday Wisdom

Some days you've got it all together and some days you count down til bedtime in hopes of giving things a fresh go in maƱana.Take the other day for example; every right I took should have been a left and each time I found opportunity to spill something, misplace something, or get flustered I surely didn't disappoint.It happens.

There is something powerful in having an attitude of gratitude and seeing what's often really just silly struggles or aggravations as exactly that, and moving on to hit reset.It's not always easy but it's worth giving a go.
That's my Wednesday wisdom, folks.Keep it moving and don't forget to water any plants you're trying not to kill.
Motivated, M


Hunter and I are planning our wedding.We've chosen a date, narrowed down oodles of venues, know our desired cuisine, and have colors and decor in mind.This is weird.
Hunter and I have been together almost 10 years.Now, when I say we have been together that long of time already, I mean really, we're one of those couples who committed to together very early on.We met in college and did the casual dating/bar hopping good time and by 8 months in we got our first apartment.Now, this was definitely a fast evolvement at the ripe age of 22 but I can honestly say it was one of those amazing fits and it didn't feel nuts at all.its always felt right and for that I am grateful to say it still does. We've been together almost 10 years and engaged for five.We've said since day one we would have a wedding celebration when we wanted and how we wanted and by god we are.Our requests are simple: great food, dance producing music, and a good damn time.We want our friends and fam…

Pepper Knows

I wonder if pepper remembers her life with just the boy.Ya know, before she met me, her mother.I had a friend once say dogs don't have a memory.They don't understand us, they understand tone.This friend said you could basically say god awful things to a dog but in an upbeat tone and they would wag their tails and come to you happily.I call bularky.
My girls know so much.They do understand us.I mean, we have to spell out some words because they understand so well.We rile Roni up with certain catch phrases and she's a lunatic.She's like the scrappy little friend at the bar who jumps on someone's back when you're trying to leave.We watch her tune in to what we say when we're taking about her or Pepper.She gets it.
So, back to the question at hand, does Pepper remember life when it was her and the boy only?She and I definitely have a bond; she's my protector and my bear sized pillow, and truly a ride or die homie, but there is something extra she loves a…