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Showing posts from May, 2010

Fur, Barks & Love

My sweetest moments are when I am with my beautiful dogters, Pepper & Roni. These two princess furry face and tails are my life and the reason I get up every morning. If I don't get up who would feed and walk them? The song "Just To See you Smile" by Tim Mcgraw is the song to my precious balls of fur. Just a little note today to show my appreciation and love for my baby girl furrinesses :)

Simply L-O-V-E

After spending the late afternoon and early evening with a friend window shopping and casually stopping in quaint little boutiques and such, I've arrived at the conclusion that fashion is glorious. It's fresh, new, exciting, tale-telling, riveting and the list goes on...Right now the big chunky statement necklaces are raging and couldn't be more fabulous. Large and bold, they are glittery but not gaudy, prevalent yet tactful, and all around delicious! It's so much fun to dress yourself in accessories first and your clothing later. These necklaces perfect this idea.

Irrational Rationing...

The past year of my life has been spent blogging; two of my four classes necessary for graduation required them and at my internship I blogged. Why not give the world my opinion on any subject I choose? It's free and it's mine to share, right? Absolutely! So, to start, what do I want my tone to be? Tone is a very important factor, you know. It can make or break a piece. People want to identify a tone or purpose, which they often misconstrue as meaning the same thing. Oh, people-my favorite breed:) So let's see. There's: Informative? Will I provide people with knowledge about various subjects and try to teach? Eh. How about super upbeat and positive? Like, I'll provide people with a reason to live to log on to read the next uplifting piece of blog. Eh. How about super dreary? Dreary works. Most people would rather be perfectly miserable than divinely happy. Eh. Decisions. Hmm, maybe all my posts will be so contemplative. Hey! That's not a bad racket. Contemplativ