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A tisket, a tasket, a celebration basket

Hunter and I hit the ground running to find gift ideas for his mom's birthday and Father's Day for his dad, which happened to both fall on June 15th this year. After searching and agonizing over blah ideas, I decided we had one choice. We had to head to the land every lost girl finds her way to, in hopes of better tomorrows and a little bit of everything you might need. And clearly, that choice was Target. We found a fabulous gray and white basket, over sized enough to store or decor with, yet small enough not to be a chunky, get-in-the-way thing. We proceeded to troll through the entire super world of goodness for a little grab and bag. We came up with a medley of 'his and her' and 'his or her'. We threw in fun snackies and food like trail mix and popcorn, gnocchi and a specialty sauce, and beef jerky. Among the knick-knacks we scored, my favorites were the coral and teal summah time S&P shakers, the picture frame with changeable captions (a cut

OOTD-Vantage Point

As I was rushing out the door over last weekend, I glanced down to catch a glimpse of my life. Dog toys; big tote for errand running; a giant cockatoo cocktail ring (Sir Sparkleton Elton Roberts, if we're being introductory); and some polka dots. Loves it. Til we meet again, M

I'm kind of older than I was when I revolved without a care -Lorde

Oh these goodies. These two pics really wrap up so much of my teenage/early adult years. I liked to have a good time and I liked costume parties. A lot. We all did. I don't want to brag, but my friends and I knew how to have a good time. What's funny, is that back then, we were wild, free, and daring. We lived for the next socializing event and planning of the night's outfits. In many cases, we acted first, thought after. We were the perfect blend of fun and out of control. We always looked out for each other and made sure we left with the people we came with. Rule Cluster #1 of being a champion friend: never leave a sister whether during confrontation, when coordinating accessories, or pumping a keg. Having met the two girls in the pictures above at ages 12 and 14 respectively, a sisterhood formed between us. As we've grown up, it's only expanded. We still live for fun socializing events just the same, but now they tend to revolve around babies, b

Yumlicious Adventures

We enjoyed some awesome bruschetta recently at Pannullo's . Light but with a full bite of flavor= what more could we ask for, people? So, I have a theory. For Hunter's birthday lunch, he ordered a bruschetta burger and I went with chicken Marsala. Halfway in, I had an epiphany that my Poppy sent Hunter his birthday wishes through these choices. But why crazy pants meg mouse? My Poppa and Nana ran a very successful Italian American restaurant for 35 years in my hometown. See? The burger is essentially one of the biggest representations of classic Americana cuisine, while mine hits the other nail on the head. I felt this was Pop speaking right at us. Or I'm nuts. We definitely strolled outside for far too long. Lawd, is the heat the worst it's ever been in the history of ever, or what Florida? I know we Floridians all say that every year, but it is as hot as the devils living room. Naturally Hunter and I kept hydrated. With dairy. From the milk put towar

Ten things I've learned in the 10 years I've been out of high school

1. Water is everything. Omg this is the first thing that came to mind HA! It's so true. I feel myself losing hydration and water is the root to so many ailments. Headache? Hungry? Sluggish? Can't commit to Essie Madison AveHUE or Cute as a Button? Water cures it %90 of the time. 2. Educating yourself; whether academically, through workshops or individual programs, or just by living life. It's so fulfilling to be informed and appreciate the ability to learn. Prob most thankful for this and gratified with already completed endeavors and excited for what's to come. 3. Friends. Best said, some will stay, some will go. Remember the expression "a person comes in your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime", for it screams truth. Each friend I have is full to the brim of their soul with goodness. As I've grown in ten years, I can surmise it: if you're kind to servers, laugh at and appreciate awkward settings, and buy me big gaudy and fa

Whatchu Doing Meh-gan

Listening: I hear the pitter patter of little Roni's feet hustling from the kitchen. It's a swift cadence of shuffle like thumps. She takes her food from her bowl, in mouthfuls of about 3-8 pebbles. Yes we have seen that little little fox drop up to 8 several times and ten like once. Boo boo likes her food/snacks. She's a solid little rascal. Thinking: I am launching a multimedia consultation business. There. Accountability at its finest folks. Feeling stressed and partial to nauseous about so much uncertainty, Megan? Ease your nerves by making a declaration through the interweb! I feel more inspired and intentional than anything so hopefully that continues to outweigh the nervousness. Feeling informed/motivated/ready for a happy dance: I met with my career advisor last week and also attended a uniquely blended creativity event. The company I work for now has a core value to "learn and grow always". I'm aware in little ways all the time how my co

A party without cake is just a meeting -Julia Child

I'm just gonna go ahead and add this to the good file of baking adventures. I simply bought a box of Krusteaz and followed the recipe on the very bottom of the box, the extra one with cream cheese added. Man oh man oh man. It was easy peazy. I was inspired to try the lemon lovies because of Pinterest this past weekend. was relative to lemon this, lemon that. So enough was enough! I made them and we tried a couple, and while good, one can only pucker up for some lemony goodness so much. I recalled that we had a team meeting Monday, so I promptly chopped the little beauties into bite sized morsels and away I went bearing goodies. I have to say this is top 3 of easiest recipes to follow along with for quite a delectable outcome. Nothing like some lemon to get you moving and grooving in sweet summah time. Til we meet again, M

National BFF Day- Celebrate!

I am so excited to learn there is a National Best Friends Day ! I am fortunate to keep really good company, if I do say so myself. Each friendship in my life is rich in kindness, good spirit, and amazing senses of a humor. I think that's my fave; I genuinely laugh-can't breathe, can't open your eyes, can't talk without spitting- with my friends. My god, is there anything better than that? Or better than... Friends who get you; who only want the best for you; who keep you young at heart: Newer and longer friendships alike, they are so special. This is a great opportunity to celebrate. And if this was 2003-2007, I would totally end this with either a Sex and the City or The Hills quote about girlfriends and list my boos' initials. AIM AOL AyYiYi, right? I'll concur on the quote, or 3, and call it a day: A friend is someone with whom you dare to be yourself- Frank Crane Your heart and my heart are very, very old friends- Rumi Sometimes me

Never love anybody who treats you like you're ordinary -Oscar Wilde

Yes, Sir Wilde. Happy Wednesday :) Til we meet again, M

Stop hating, start baking

And so she did. I find that a yummy treat to make at the start of a week and have as an option for breakfast or dinner throughout is a nice bread loaf. Sometimes I keep it simple and grab a box. Other times I choose to go the "from scratch" route. Last week we did blueberry, this week apple cinnamon. It's good to mix up the mix all around. I think a DJ said that one time. If not, they should. Baking is refreshing and holds you accountable. You can't wing it so much with baking as you can cooking. At least I can't. I find that it gives me a chance to focus and relax all at once. I hereby vow to crank up some Bille H and make more masterpieces. Because it is so good for my soul. And who willingly turns that kind of thing down? Image via Pinterest, via here , aka I need this for my kitchen like yesterday :) Til we meet again, M

Because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing...

Sunday looked a little like this: Kale, Spinach, Pepper Jack, Onion and Tomato His and her: For the win: Hmm, what else. what else. We both threw on our designated Pandora stations and power cleaned. I'm pretty positive that a cure-all for an ughhh cleancleanclean mentality is the Otis Redding and friends station. How can you not stop and dance when Otis tells you to? That's, like, a sin. Then, I sat down to do some blogging stuff while Sex and the City played in the background. Read also: SATC is ALWAYS good for the soul. Always. We ended our day by having dinner with Hunter's parents, sister, and our youngest nephew. Hunter and Connor are what you would call kindred friends...homies for life: My personal fave is the middle one. I mean, is there anything funnier than seeing a little bear throw up his little fist when you say pound it? The correct answer would no. No, there is nothing better/funnier. The last thing I'll menti