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Bow Chicka

Busy bee over here. Man, I am keeping it moving! -45++ hr work weeks -25hrs of school -2 dogs who like love & attention...a lot -Bubsy/Sanity time squeezed in = Exhausted Meg Mouse (Hang out with us yo') In between the usual day to day life events, welcoming spring is at the top of the exciting news list. Love spring fashion, fresh makeup finds and every pair of Nine West shoes I've tried on so far. My heart sings this time of year and it's a sweet chirping song. Not into March Madness. I know it's about basketball. Maybe college level. And that's all I got... Look, more of something I'm excited about in March: Even Ro is ready, set going into spring with a fresh 'do. Sweet girl looks a little goofy yet still so cute. She'll be alright, she's still a foxy Roni boo. -Met some Ro-like gals. Lovely babies to come upon on an evening walk. Hey y'all! Andddd a really, really proud moment: The Pu

Forget a man, walk like a bird

There is so much to learn in new media journalism. It is such an ever evolving world. What's really funny is that I am learning new tricks to to apply to old tricks in so many ways. I am pleasantly surprised with the knowledge I have already earned. I feel fresh validation for my time spent interning and freelancing as a writer. I am so thankful for this. The best thing about this though is that my want for knowledge is increasing too. The course material is building already and I have a list generating on things to really remember pulled from various class resources. The fountain is trickling. Big question: Can you really learn it all? Answer: Not sure. I spent a chunk of time walking today and taking in nature's glory. On my journey met two friends and as I watched one of them agilely maneuver over the construction fence. Even with cars speeding past mere inches from him, he safely walked crane-bird like towards the water unaffected. I exhaled with him long enoug

Life and Times with Me

People Style Watch is my fave and my newest one arrived today. Superrr excited right now. Jennifer Lawrence is on the cover, 557 guilt free finds are in between the pages and spring is here, my friends. Ahhh, inhale deep. Smell that? Pastels and brights and new pops of style is in the air. My weekend otherwise... 1. went for cruise to la playa. put my toes in the ocean, check. enjoyed fresh, blackened mahi, deliciously check. happy to be home, check. check. 2. hung out with a bad dog with demon eyes who eats kleenex. bad, pretty, beast girl 3. camera all set up ready to go 4. checked out the kiddie toys. never know what the nephew babies might like. umm baby chainsaw. interesting. dexter should advertise with harrison. 5. no, i didn't buy this! no, i didn't. maybe. 6. stationary/office goodies make my heart sing like canary. 7. speaking of canaries, so does the bub.bubsy birds 'round my neck. 8. personal fave, anytim

School for this Fool

So grad school is Overwhelmed? Yes. Nervous? Yes. Happy to learn more than I ever could have imagined? Absolutely. I am in a program known as New Media Journalism and it is more than any journalist could want and I say this only one month of class in. I am embarking on the second month of class, which happens to be an entirely new class BTW, and am feeling the anxiety that comes with an accelerated degree program. I graduate in one year and that is a thought sharp in my mind serving as motivation. However, I am learning already to take things one week at a time and not to jump too far ahead. I have wanted my master's since I was in undergrad and the reality of achieving this is too good of a feeling, despite the stress I am definitely experiencing. Here we go month 2! Let's rock. Must succeed. Must learn lots. Must enjoy. And lastly, most importantly, must breathe. Feeling studious, Meggie