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Humans and Writers of New York, Florida and Everywhere

While Instagramming the other day, I found myself enchanted by a recent posting on the Humans of New York account. That's what I love about writing; inspiration lives everywhere! In this case, I came upon what would inspire me to write an entire blog post, quite honestly because at first glance, the man in the picture looked like Rowan Pope from Scandal. Side bar-Yes, we are late to the Scandal party, but catching up quick! Hunter and I love it. It's never as it seemmmsss!



Anyhow, once I clicked on the two pictures dedicated to this fine gentleman, the caption completely captivated me. It read:

“When I was a kid, I’d always wanted to be a writer. I even made a go of it when I was younger. I moved to California in my twenties, and tried to make it work. I almost sold a screenplay. I traveled around a bunch, and worked odd jobs, but by the time I hit my thirties, I said: ‘That’s it.’ And I went into the insurance business. I worked for a wonderful company—the one with the duck. But September 11th really shook me up. A couple days before, I’d flown out of the same airport as one of the hijacked planes. I hadn’t written anything in seventeen years, but I thought: ‘Win, lose, or draw, I’ve got to try this one more time.’ So at the age of 51, I became a writer again.

I feel good right now. Ever since I left my job in insurance, I’ve written twelve plays and two children’s books. I’ve had my plays performed in Atlanta, Washington DC, San Francisco, and Yale University. My ex-wife and I have become best friends. I apologize all the time for the man I was before I followed my passion, and she comes to my plays and readings. I moved to New York at the age of 65 to take things to the next level. Now I want to see one of my plays on Broadway.”


My love for writing began at age 9. I went creative writing at first and absolutely loved the feedback from teachers, family, friends, kids on the bus I made read my work. You know, normal support systems. That first story was called "The Can of Worms" and go figure, it was a suspense about a can of worms. Like I said, creative, but maybe some room for growth. Then by age 10, I got involved writing for my elementary school newspaper. Welcome to the world of editorial. Oh do sit down and stay a while. And I have.

Writing has been one constant in my life that I always find a way to be involved with. I write for fun, I edit, I research and report, I've studied it in school. Basically, there is nothing I don't love or do for writing. I joke that my day job allows me to not be a starving writer, but honestly, I would be giving it a go no matter what.

Of course my ambition is to write full time at some point, but I'm also happy in the now being the go-to girl in the office for colleagues to ask to proof whatever they're working on; I like helping friends draft cover letters and resumes; I enjoy this blog tremendously. I am beyond fortunate to live in a world that allows me to always work on my craft, my passion, in numerous ways.

Finding this post just further reminds me that I'm doing the write right things. As my good friend Dory likes to say, just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

Until we meet again,


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