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3 Things

1.  You know you're an adult when you randomly hop up on a Sunday night saying I'm gonna make a quick frittata!  And you do. Y'all, I didn't even have to look up a recipe, my mind instantly knows what distinguishes a frittata.  It came out delicious BTW-tons of fresh spinach, onion, Parmesan, shredded mozzarella, and 6 eggs =  adulting win. 2.  If I went to the Oscars, I would definitely wear something popping.  It wouldn't be at all predictable or simple.  I would wear bold colors, a unique shape, something that could potentially get me on the worst dressed list.  I kid, I kid, but really, I view this as an opportunity to have elegance yes, but I also say do it big.                          Sha                                                                               Zam **images via Glamour Mag 3.  Last year I worked to become a better runner.  I made great strides, pun intended, in this goal.  As a new Florida spring is almost upon us, I&#

Weekending Recap

Today has been one of those magical days. It has consisted of: -not waking up to an alarm clock, -lounging in bed with my boo visiting far and near lands via Periscope -a thorough meal planning/efficient grocery store trip -a brisk 2 mile walk -talking to one of my best girlfrans and catching up  -doing some Social Cap client work -being here at le blog -baking scrumptious cinnamon streusel muffins  -a nap momentarily ---and the Oscars are on tonight!!!!!! See?  Scrump.ticious This. This all is my happy place.  My heart is full. The Orlando City preseason game last night has also contributed to today being stellar.  It was the perfect start to what is sure to be an amazing season with a 6-1 win! This is what weekending is all about.  A chance to just be and enjoy and take in all the greatness we can. Let's meet again, M

Ohgabetta's Coconut Macaroons

  Can I just get an amen for those beauts above?  I mean, seriously, they were heaven,  And yes, were , as in past tense because they lasted all of 1-1/2 days in the hizzy. I did a simple Google search for easy Coconut Macaroon recipes.  Literally, I typed in easy because ain't nobody got time for complex instructions, ya dig?  Allow me to enter a screen shot of the screen shot I took for your convenience: Ok, ok, here is the link itself just to keep things official via Food Network . The only adjustments I made was doubling the vanilla because I plain ol'love vanilla.  And I bought Betty Crocker Hershey chocolate frosting and smeared some on half the amount of 'roons with a buttah knife.  Both plain and choco were equally delicious. This is now going to be a staple party item for me to bake.  And a staple item for random Tuesdays.  Let's be honest.  Life's short, eat dessert first, ya know?  It was so so easy and an absolutely fantastic outcom

Homemade Pita Chips with Smashed Avocado

The other night I was resting from this ailment I'm plagued with and I got hungry. I didn't want anything heavy but rather filling. I was watching Teen Mom actually and Maci and her friend has just ordered guac and that sounded delicious.  I went to the kitchen and scoured for what I could make of similar nature. I took a flour wrap and ripped into pieces, sprayed some olive oil mist over them, sprinkled garlic powder and sea salt over top, then broiled for 6 mins, flipping halfway through.  Homemade pita chips essentially.  I paired with smashed up avocado, tomato and garlic.  A light yet filling, perfect healthy snack.  Now just to kick the ol'bronchitis and I'll be the happiest little lamb.  #enoughcougingalready Let's meet again, M

The Don't List

Reese Witherspoon posted this on Instagram this week and it struck a nerve.  A good nerve.  The second two Do Not's especially. Like so many people, I've evolved to not speak as quick as I once would when angry or mad at something/one.  My mom has said as long as I can remember "You can't unring the bell" in regards to initially lashing out.  You can forgive, you can be forgiven, but what you say out of anger or frustration never leaves a person's mind entirely.  When stressed or angry, it can be so hard, but it really is best to take about 10 seconds, if not more, and think before launching into a response. Sad.  When we have those days or moments where we just feel blue, sometimes it's easy to let that overtake all kinds of emotion.  If we again, like replying when angry, act too quickly, we can really miss out on a lot or make choices that we otherwise wouldn't be happy with. As for the first don't, for me that tends to work out when a

8-1/2 Years!

Left: February 2008/ Right: March 2015 I interrupt a preset blog post already posted for today to talk a little more. I happened to look at the date and said well I'll be!  Today is 8-1/2 years since that good looking fellow in the photo above and I set out together.  My God, where does time go?  Have we really been together just shy of a decade?  I was not math major, but my instinct says yes. I'm pleased to report I love Hunter more today than yesterday and more than 2-1/2, 4-1/2, 6-1/2 and all the years in between together.  I take that as a win.  I love him more and want to choke him less every passing day.  Actually, some days that isn't entirely true but tomato/tomahtoe.  The point is I am grateful we both put in the work relationships take and I'm thankful it doesn't feel like work. Hunter is my person no doubt.  I knew something was special about him the first time I met him.  He instantly caught my eye in a musky room, illuminated by only the fin

Wake Up Early

Turning 30 this year has made me reflect on these very thoughts. A new division of age has made me feel anxious, made me feel stable, and given me opportunity to consider what's next.  As I consider, this little blurb suits where I am at in my current chapter. I've always been ambitious whether it was to get into a party back in my hay day, or maintaining my first apartment and bills as a server one table at a time.  Ambition is part of my make up as a person and I truly believe it has served me well this far.  This note though, it pushes to make it further my own and really hone in, in a whole new way. It's true what they say about turning a new age, particularly 30; you tend to be much more in a place of peace for who you are, what you want, what you stand for and the reverse, what you're not willing to accept.  I'm more content in who I am, and most important, who I have built myself into as I've followed this note's instructions. Any time

Feel Good Vibes

You know what I think?  Good, I'm glad you asked. I have a few favorite kind of vibes to catch: Kickin' back in my mouse kicks with a good book and a great nail color to splash on. A fresh made clean breakfast of avocado toast, turkey bacon, sliced toms, and a sunny side up egg.  Oh and a cup of Starbucks Blonde roast, cream and sugar on the side, thank ya. This mentality lived out.  I like to wish upon thoughts and dreams and in turn DO them.  One hand washes the other.  A home made meal for my man.  And for me too, of course.  But I do extra love making a meal that Hunter especially appreciates.  This was creamy Parmesan risotto, sauteed lemon Parmesan spinach, and lemon butter scallops with homemade garlic toast. These are some of my confessions favorite things for feel good vibes. Let's meet again, M

Back to the Big Easy

We went to New Orleans at the end of January.  We love the Big Easy so big.  This was mine and Hunter's third visit together.  Hunter has been one other time before that so for him his fourth in total.  Extra special, we brought my mom, Knizzle.  She has never been and she has always wanted to to Lousianimal.  It was, as always, full of amazing food, great spirited people, and beautiful city sites. Our first day we arrived was for the start of Family Gras.  We posted up right in front of our hotel on Canal for prime viewing of bead tossing, floats riding, and bands marching. It was extraordinary to see the city through my mom's eyes.  She loves every thing New Orleans has to offer.  We took her to Harrah's casino, St. Louis Cathedral, oh and we found a little friend for me.  HE got the memo on the dress code... Speaking of dress code, did I bring bring too many options a 3 day, 2 night venture? Pssst.  I know, I didn't think so either. 

Nelle Harper Lee

  Amazing words from an authentic woman.  If our world reflected a bit on these words for a full thorough, embrace, just might be what the Harpers of the world ordered. If only I can live a life adhering to these basic, decent principles, well that will be a life well lived. Rest in peace, Harper Lee.  You certainly could have been licked from the start, but you gave it your best and saw it through. Let's meet again, M  


  Currently, I have bronchitis.  Yayyy. Yea, that's sarcasm.  It's total BS.  I avoided so many germs and grime around work that have been circulating for over a month so overall I shouldn't complain.  It still sucks.  Anyway, I appreciate modern medicine and the opportunity to obtain said meds to nurse myself back.  And honestly, when your doctor says enough doing, go ahead and rest, well, who would I be to ignore doc's advisement? I decided no better time to throw some words at le screen in attempt to stop talking so much.  Out loud, at least.  Let's see, what's currently up... Currently watching: Blue Bloods as I recoop.  Per doctor's orders for resting of self and voice, I figured no better time to start a new binge and immerse myself in other people's yapping.  I've always heard great things about this show and I must say I'm in agreement. I love the cast; the actors are excellent and provide their roles true justice. No pun inte

Be Kind to One Another

I saw the most disgusting video circulating online.  It showcases women who hit men being punched back by men they hit.  No, I will not be linking.  I would rather chew my arm off than provide links to such repulsive material.  Basically, the video's statement is hiding behind the argument that if feminism is to exist, then, I don't know, some bullshit equality argument. I think it's plain awful.  No one should hit anyone, man, woman, martian.  The biggest problem I have is about the idea of defending any type of physical altercation.  There are times when defense is necessary of one's self, yes, but damn.  An actual "movement" saying that if women wish to be treated the same and request standard rights given to those with male anatomy, then "take a hit like a man".  What. the. f***. This all got me thinking: Where/when in the world did we get so backwards in being kind?  Just be nice dammit; show love, provide laughter, and don't be a douc