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10 years!

August 24th is 10 years Hunter and I have been together.What? How? When? We did?It's like omg, what a ride!My heart is full, my mind is spinning, and I think often why he's my person.The simplest I can think of is how he makes me laugh.And smile.And excited to tell him things all day long.It doesn't hurt that he's physically good looking and his inside heart is even more charming.It's also comforting how he's a provider and a protector.He's smart and kind and he has values and integrity.He's a lover and fighter for goodness and he gives strong, quality hugs.All this to say, I am even more smitten than I was 10 years ago with him and that I know is special.

Don't get me wrong, no one is saying all day everyday is peaches and cream.Lord does he make me madder than a hatter on a hot Florida July day!He can be stubborn and set out for such perfection at times and he just won't let up when he's intent on something.He gets grumpy without enough sl…


I absolutely love spring time.Aside from pollen increasing, it's such a magical time of year.The freshness, the newness of things and places, it's a whole new chance to begin.
I also love bright colors and pastels and Easter and spring gives me all of it.I like sitting outside without sweating mercilessly (hey Florida, how you doing) and enjoying a breeze.It's lighter longer in the evenings and that's it's own kind of glorious.
Spring serves as a personal reminder to work hard and watch things grow from that effort.It reminds to take things with stride and acknowledge beauty right in front.Just something about this time of year is so good.
I hope you all have a tremendous season upon you too!

Love What You Do

April 1st marks one year that I gave notice to my corporate type job and April 15th signifies my last day at it.I worked this job for 6 years and while I am very grateful for many aspects of it, I have not been happier since leaving it.
May marks 2 years of owning my own business and this is what I left my last job for; I took one of those leaps of faith we often hear of others doing.I left the security of a set amount of hours to in turn receive a set amount of pay, vacation and sick time, very nice benefits, and while I understand the value in those components of adulthood, I haven't missed it once. I wake up every day happy and eager to begin tasks and with a fiery passion for the work I put my name on.My business is growing and consistent and I feel like the decade worth of work I put in throughout my whole 20s led me to this point.It's like it was all meant to get here.
There are scary moments and trying times yes, yet I honest to God have not regretted my choice …