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Look, Ma! No Pinterest!!

Another trial and success around these parts and my very own idears: romaine lettuce, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, oven baked, bbq-buffalo marinated chicken breasts, diced choppy once cooked. Fresh shredded Parmesan cheese, one and a half teaspoons over the top. I also added a little extra protein by the way of two slices of bbq Boar's Head chicken rolled up and cut into bite sized morsels. Honest tea is delicious and from what I can understand on the label, it's not half awful for me when I just don't want my usual water bev. Grapes are really glorious right now. Perfect condition. Strawbur-ries are also impressing me boatloads. Yum-my. Quenched, Meggie

Garbanzo Veggie Pitas

Soooo, I tried out a yummy recipe today. I prepped it all to take to work for myself and a couple girlfriends. We take turns bringing lunch for the 3 of us and it's great. We get to try new foods and it's fun to both plan lunch and show up for lunch brought from someone else. Without further adieu... Ingredients: Put a pan on medium-high heat with two cap fulls of olive oil-your preference on virgin, extra v, whatev, this is really a choice you can make that won't have terrible effects if you pick over the other; add in almond slivers-about an eighth of a cup, add in about a half of teaspoon of minced garlic, a sprinkle of bread crumbs-Italian style of course, and 1 can (16oz) garbanzo beans. Warm even and thoroughly. Also, some smaller stems of broccoli are a last minute added item I put in. I put broc and a splash of sea salt in a bowl in the micro and let them heat up in about 3:50. Add broccoli right into garbanzo beans once cooked: Cut

Get ya shine on!

I have been really motivated lately pursuing a few projects. I feel good about my passion and when that happens I feel good all around. Absolutely no one can chase your dreams. People will assist along the way and things will happen as they will sometimes, but really it is up to an individual to get it going. I'm excited to finish various projects this weekend and am anxious to see fruition from completing these tasks. I am so optimistic that my writing is growing. Finding myself thankful for embracing so much right now. Otherwise, 'round these parts: -Flowers from my bub -Baked mac & cheese with spinach -Baked gnocchi cups -Step 1 -Step 2 -Step 3 -Sliced apple, blueberries and fresh mozzarella -Crescent rolls full of love And my favoritest most favorite jam right at this time: Until we meet again, Meggie

MTV Movie Awards Day!

Pepper just bopped her head on the coffee table abruptly because Hunter turned the vacuum on upstairs. Roni is laying with her paw wedged into the couch cushion and her ears are flinching up and down as the vacuum alternates sound. I am sitting and waiting for towels to be ready to go into the dryer and the MTV movie awards to come on later. I have finished my homework, had a turkey sandwich, a tall glass of grapefruit juice, and now I am ready for a nap. It feels great to decompress and fancy the idea of a nap. I probably won't even sleep but to me a nap is rest; I rest. I like to day dream, watch Style Network and random movies like The Devil Wears Prada...again. And this weekend??? I even have my newest People Style Watch mag in and you can bet your silver dollar I will be submerged in it soon. I may even indulge in some fabulous baking to celebrate the day I get to utterly and totally kick back and just be here to enjoy. Times like this do not happen all the time.