Monday, December 5, 2016

Where does your inspiration live?

Inspiration lives everywhere. You've heard this, right?  Well I believe it.  I seek and find inspiration in everything from online news articles to puppies I don't know.  It's the perspective we choose to make for ourselves.

As I get older I find myself increasingly more grateful in daily life.  It's simple luxuries like good health, love for and from those around me, and the ability to do what I love for a living that keeps me thriving.

All this to say, I hope I continue to finding gratitude and grace for every morning.  I'm honestly quite happy and eager to keep finding joy in the kitchen and in the middle of pumping gas.

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Obsessively Grateful and Frazzled

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I'm having a tough time today.  I mean it in the best way because it's over good things but man am I frazzled this week!  I'm coming off the tail end of a quick but nasty cold and a new project is kicking my ass.  Needless to say, namaste in bed, y'all.

I kid, kind of.  I read too many damn articles on entrepreneurship and I'm told this is normal.  For as many awesome days and exciting developments, you will have down right difficult and staticky days.  Is that even a word?  It just feels right given my groggy frame of mind. Autocorrect didn't flag me or change to "satire" or something completely off like did you mean Zimbabaway?

Well over and out, I'll be back with more posts about baking and shit soon<3 span="">

Oh and the image in this post?  Totally obsessed with it and it's truer than true.  Grateful to be frazzled.  Holla!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

How was your Thanksgiving?

Hard to believe it's over actually.  We hosted at our house for Hunter's parents, sisters and their boyfriends, and our nephews and niece.  It was successful and filling.

We brought in the turkey and a few sides and made a bunch more.  We had more than enough food and spent a lovely day together.

I love hosting any event or get together as it is and I especially love hosting holidays.  I like the planning and the chaos just the same.  I welcome the celebration more than the fluster that may come with holiday gatherings so it's even out of the wash.

How did you celebrate this year?

Monday, November 21, 2016

A Very Merry Munterhegan Sunday

What I love about Sundays.  I'm making lists for the week aka my zen, happy place, while hunter and the girls enjoy rest.  Roni's little fox face popping up kills me.

Lists are the best part of my week.  Or at least the cornerstone, the backbone, the push I need.  As much as I enjoy making lists I enjoy crossing items off even more.
Getting ready for the week ahead with a guideline checklist for all of our agency's clients helps me enter Mondays with ease and strategy, saving grace for when things go off list.

I also made out a Christmas gift idea list.  My goal is to really simplify gift giving by going with a less is more approach.  I would like to provide meaningful experience type gifts like passes to a children's museum or tickets to a performance for our niece and nephew for example.  We've done the bunch of toys route before so it'll be fun to mix it up.

Back to Sundaying, pasta and veggies coming right up!

Let's meet again.

Toast Toast Toast

I saw this quote and it struck such a chord. How true it is because the want or desire to achieve a goal is the first move to make.

Being a business owner for just shy of two years has taught me exactly this sentiment.  No matter how much planning or strategy you put in place, it's about getting up every day and making the toast you want.

It's also about when you don't possess the ingredients you exactly want, you redesign the meal.  Ebb and flow at its finest.

Anyhow, I'm off to prepare some avocado toast as we speak.  Along with a splash of hot sauce and a kick ass to do list.

Let's meet again.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Marketing, Halloween, and a clean house

Via Women's Health Magazine

I think because so much of my time is spent working online digitally my personal quests have suffered.  In fact, I know this is true.  When I spend numerous hours on a computer online all day long for work, the truth is I sometimes count down to quitting time.  It stinks because while I absolutely love doing what I do for a living and the projects it affords me the opportunity to work on, I struggle to come back to my space here.

Ohgabetta is never far from my mind though.  I constantly think of blog ideas when snapping pics of my breakfast or taking in a sunset like any good blogger.  The implementation of said ideas, well that isn't always accomplished.  I feel better when I do so it's odd to me how I slip from chatting here.  If nothing else, I enjoy keeping this ol'digital journal of mine.

So, today I had a meeting get rescheduled last minute and created the opportunity to clean my house, light a fall scented candle (Maple Pumpkin!), situate laundry, and get notes caught up, to-do lists current, and breathe some life into this post.

Halloween is my fave holiday ever so I even decorated for it.  That's right, let the record show September 13th as my day of decorating for Halloween this year.  #OverzealousPartyOfOne.  I've even got the skeleton lights strung across the mantle and lit AF in the middle of a dreary, rainy perfect afternoon.

Another open tab on my computer right now is a Social Media Today article "How to Modernize Your Traditional Marketing Strategy".   It's an enlightening read on exactly what the title lends, which is refreshing since many "publications" (I use that term loosely for anyone who does this) use clickbait heavily.

I'm going to take a little time to overhaul the look of Ohagabetta.  I think a fall freshening is what we all need now and then.

Can't wait to meet you again,

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Bloggin' Loggin'

I swear I am not proud of this admittance, however, when I logged in today I absolutely questioned if it was the correct way to do so.  It's clearly been a little vacay from this ol'bloggy blog but here I am.  As history would show, I take little hiatuses but always I found my way back.  Who says you can't go home again?

The usual suspects have kept my attention thus feeding my absence from here; business, projects for said business, being doggone tired, chasing chickens day in and day out.  Well, that last part isn't exactly true.  But it felt right.  Basically, I got creatively lazy for myself whilst I've fed the hog for others.  No, I'm not calling anyone a hog, I just fancy the expression.  See what happens when I take over a month break?  I've inevitably insulted someone.

My creativity tends to come alive in the fall.  Like legends during this season, I thrive for more outlets such as this one.  Perhaps it's due to less sweating just from glancing outdoors and being able to catch my breath without heat exhaustion.  Either way, I'm here!

Look forward to talking about #Halloween soon because it's totally my fave!  Don't expect the other basic topics like pumpkin spice anything because quite honestly the stuff grosses me out.  I only like my pumpkin in the form of pie or roasted seeds.  Go 'head and keep the rest.

WHAT...a terrible post.  But I made it here and I plan to do it again.  Holla!!

Let's meet again,