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Let me get a kale tonic!

Can we just have a moment for this beautiful and fabulous breakfast from a few days back?I mean, come onnnnnn!
First Watch, you got it going on!

Sundays are for...

Nutrients and self care. With Sunday being an all intended day of rest, I like to reserve at least a portion of time for just that.I like to rejuvenate and replenish so an extra glass of kale tonic hits the mark these days.
Writing. Setting up blog posts for me personally, writing for clients, scribbling out another chapter of a book, Sundays are most definitely for writing.
Shaking and baking. Sundays bring an air about them that's just meant for prepping at least some parts of your world for the week.Laundry catch-up, food preparations, outline intentions and commitments and goals to achieve for the week ahead.
Faith and sweat. I personally like to get out for a nice walk.A hearty blood pumping, sweaty walk.Somehow the sweat always leads to the faith part.My mind naturally clears and I always find clarity for faith and grace alike.This might be my favorite combination.
Loving on lovies. Spend time with those you can't get enough of.Earmark a speck of time for extra hugs and chats a…

Does this flower make my head look big? #whichone

My dad always says to me "Why didn't you get the big one?" when he sees majority of my accessories.  So when Hunty and I stopped for orange juice at a local citrus company during a travel business day, I had to giggle when I saw this potential hair piece for myself.

Happy Sunday!

Save grace

Isn't that some truth?Friendly reminder for us all, folks.I'm a simple gal with a love for love and smiling and laughter.I don't need much more.I mean, I'll take good health too if anyone's asking.
Don't forget to save grace for yourself and others too.It's just as important.