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Breakfast for Dinner

Cold weather came to us early here in Florida.  I'm very much enjoying windows open, chili recipes, and scarves on my daily walk.  I got a hankering for hearty and homey and this hit the spot.  Once I got my pic out of the way, I merged this baby and enjoyed all the deliciousness bestowed upon my taste buds.

We're still adjusting to life without Pep and it's been difficult.  We're trying to equally remember and grieve but also trying to move forward gradually.  I washed her blankets yesterday and it's the things like that, her smell hitting me in full force, that knock me right off my horse.  So many people have said it doesn't get easier and at this time, I wholeheartedly agree.  Miss our girl real bad.

Hoping you all are enjoying the start of a new month with so much possibility.


Spaghetti Squash and Kale Chips

Making healthy substitutions is one of my favorite things.  This beauty right here is spaghetti squash, topped with clean marinara sauce, grassfed beef bites, and kale chips was pure bliss.  It was hearty, homey, and healthy and to me that's a win.

Always impressed with the angel hair like texture of spaghetti squash, which happens to be my top two favorite type of pasta.  Penne is the other, naturally.

Have you tried this delicious substitution?