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Wake me up when September comes

Mmmmm....Fall is almost hereee. Bring it Ludwig! (SATC ref anyone?) Chatting with a friend at work today I recalled how I enjoy Baskin Robbins Pumpkin ice cream in the fall. I don't do the Starbucks coffee but I do do the ice cream flavor. It is extraordinary and it is the essence of Floridian Fall, in my opinion. There is something about ice cream or yogurt in our version of a cool yet humid Fall night. I don't know how much longer I can hold out before I make a pit stop one evening. Hmm, reroute of home travel in mind...To be determined... Another thing I am just about giddy over: Target's Halloween section. It might just be the funnest spot in all the land. I lovelovelove their decor, the candy section, the fun random knick knacks. Oh I can't wait!! And because of our impatience and ridiculousness as a society, that gold will be lining the aisles in about 3-4 more weeks most likely. I usually make myself wait til my birthday, which is late September, be

What if God was one of us?

That title has nothing to do with this post but it's a great song. I want to write today. What I want to write is up for debate. I have so many thoughts and ideas and want to just type it all up and wrap it in a bow and gift it to blogland. But then...I sit....and stare...and wonder where to start. It's hard to make sense of things sometimes and take thoughts and morph them into sentences that make sense outside of your cranium. In my head space, these ideas are running free and happy in fields of sunshine and cupcakes. On this blog spot page though, they are huddled in the corner hiding away unsure of when to come out. So, I know other bloggers often express similar stump days and do what they can to get around it. I also know I read a fabulous article once that I found through a Twitter link and it said that when faced with "writer's block" you should just start writing. Write whatever and see what comes of it from there. Well, here's to you fab

Hereee Bloggy Bloggy Blogger

Well look who decided to show up again on her blog. This girl. Super chaotic sched lately makes for a bad lifestyle blogger. Bad blogger, Meggie, bad blogger. But, when life knocks you off your blogging post, you get right back up and right to it! So, in order to fully cleanse my mind of guilt from avoiding this space lately, a recap shall commence: In early July I gathered some ditties from the party shop and sent out a come one, come all birthday dinner invite. See, my momma, my boo boo Izzy, her precious gem baby Emmett, and Hunty's babiest sister Tori all celebrate their being the month of the ruby. What better way to enjoy time together than to head to a fun dinner event. Specifically, Maggiano's Italian Restaurant. Never heard of it? Shame, shame. Interested in pictures of drool inducing, salivating at the thought of it food? Whoops. We were all tooooo busy enjoying endless rounds of Chop Chop salad, Bruscetta, Chicken and Spinach Mancotti WITH ALFREDO SA