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Lose your phone

Hunter's phone decided to stop working for about 5 hours today.   Conveniently in the middle of us doing a heavy amount of digitally based work from said phone.   So that's awesome when it happens. Actually, it provided a fantastic observation; I enjoyed relinquishing my phone's constant state of availability.   It was a welcome and unplanned digital detox which always lends freedom and clarity.   Like so many of us, I actively use my phone for many work, leisure, and organizational purposes. Phones and technology are wonderful aspects to our worlds and although I founded a business with a high focus on digital engagement and interaction, I am a huge proponent of breaks from it all.   Sometimes I do a workout sans phone-no music or anything, or put it up and away from easy grasp, or in the case of today where I lent my phone to Hunter, I feel a sense of gratitude for remembering to forget about the phone. I reach more for books, feel a lessened sense o

My colors are blush and bashful

Gotta a little facelift around here and I must say I'm pretty pleased.  It's simple, clean, and if I don't say so myself, mighty good looking.  I'll admit, the color scheme isn't always my favorite but this one is --heart eyed emoji X 6--.  I love black and white together almost always and pink with it is  Once I saw it and knew this was a winning look I couldn't help but smile for Shelby from Steel Magnolias, hence the blog title. "The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize"-Steel Magnolias for the win again! I needed to freshen up around here.  It's great to digitally declutter, revamp, and enjoy something new.  Much like a home, closet, or your car it's like you can just breathe better with that new-new.  I went with a new layout, colors, bio, and updated gadgets and verbiage til my little heart found contentment.  I'll maybe tweak a bit more but I'm quite relieved to have

Brunch so hard

We celebrated one of my favorite humans over the weekend.  My good friend Danielle turned 30 and we turned up, as the kids would say.  Actually, we went to brunch and indulged in a buffet style setup complete with endless mimosas.  Let's suffice to say, not my best idea.  While I enjoyed the company, the food, and yes in the moment the drinks, I certainly learned how different my body reacts to this type of...let's say treatment Lol.  It's true what I read once; the only cure for a hangover is being under the age of 25.  Preach! Would I do it again?  Absolutely.  Will I indulge and celebrate?  Always.  Life is too good to not be enjoyed.  Oh look, me before storm:

Weekend Wonders

A few things as of late: -Wedding invites arrived, were completed, and have been sent to new homes.  So excited with the design, the printing, and the added decor we did for the envelopes.  Invites are exciting because they set the tone for what's to come.  We are hosting an elaborate dinner party with an ambiance of glitz and fun and we're very pleased that our invites convey that.  One huge check off the ol'list! -insert heart eye emoji here- -Pepper turned 14 a few weeks ago.  She's good, slow moving but good.  She's still fun spirited and eager which we are grateful for daily.  I've thought so much extra lately how much she means to me and how she's literally my friend.  She listens to me in good moods, bad moods, she knows when I need a hug, she's protective.  She's the epitome of a damn good dog friend. -Best night ever: went on a brisk extended walk, made a lovely, healthy dinner, did final edits on a project, made time for this here

Booch, key lime pie, and an editor walk into a bar...

This was my afternoon the other day; I had a lengthy editing project, a shorter editing project, whipped up a fresh key lime pie because #summer, and an afternoon booch is what I crave these days.  I have to admit, while initially skeptical of the ol'kombucha craze, I am now a believer.  After much researching and asking questions from health gurus I admire, I jumped in, found a flavor I love, and as previously mentioned, I happily enjoy one a day.  I usually do so in the afternoon for an energy pick me up and prelude to an evening workout.  It's odd; while energizing yes, I also get a zen like feeling and it mellows me.  I'll take two cases for a million feel goods, Alex! Hope your Thursday is productive and insightful and your gusto is strong to seek Friday ambitions.  Happy living, friends! MKH

But, like, who is she?

I'm making a vivid effort for blog tidying and updating.  I started with a fresh About Me section.  It then dawned on me to post that very same info as it's very own post. Cop out or 2-4-1 ?  I'm lean on the latter as I hit publish.  Nice to meet you if you're new here and great to see you if you're returning! I'm Megan-glitter enthusiast with a love for all things creative, productive, and humorous.   Professionally I'm a New Media Director specializing in multimedia content creation.   Personally, I'm a dog mom to two, Pepper and Roni, and lover of one super handsome, bearded, hard working man named Hunter. I have a few accomplishments this far I'm pretty proud of; I earned salutatorian in grad school, I'm a second generation UCF Knight alumnus, I'm a professionally published writer and editor, and a business owner. I write for therapy, for clients, to make a dozen to do lists in a day.   I'm a wordist and a communicator