Thursday, April 16, 2015

Most Favorite Time of Day

Truth be told, any given day presents a different time where I deem it my favorite. On weekends, I'm more likely to say mornings are my favorite because I have leisure time to workout, grocery shop, errand run, sleep in, just lounge, and of course brunch.

During the week, I typically enjoy evenings more because of walks and jogs with ease of time in mind, catching up on TV, blogging, and as you see above: dinner time. I like cooking at home the most lately. It's a nice time to get creative, whip together some goodness, and then sit back to watch Shark Tank chat.

Basically, I love not having to rush out the door to sit in the rat race of a drive to or from work.

Which part of the day is your favorite?

Until we meet again,

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