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Some ABCs of ME!

Greetings loveys! I decided to take a quiz today. These are always one of my faves when other people fill them out. Why? Because we are all a bunch of nosy Nancy's, no? Carrying on... A: Attached or Single: Attached to my Hunter Bear, going into 8 years strong. B: Best Friend: Andrea, Izzy, Jenny, Lizetty, Danielle C: Cake or Pie: What is this OR garbage? If I HAD to choose...cake. There's just too much; cake pops, cake cake, cupcakes, chocolate chip cookie cake-Mmm Mmm! D: Day of choice: 100% Saturdays! E: Essential item: I'll say my phone. I adore it and it links me to so much and so many! F: Favorite Color: Glitter G: Gummy Bears or worms: Le Bears. H: Hometown: Veeeroooooo F: Favorite Indulgence: Netflix afternoons and the evenings those turn into. J: January or July: I suppose I will go with July. I like the 4th, watermelon is in extra good season, and we celebrate my momma, two of my bffs, and my sister-in-law's days of birth so lots

It is love that makes impossible possible—Indian Proverb

My Lizetty lovey married her Joey in February and it was glorious. Y'all. For real, this wedding was great. The ambiance, the food, the music, the people. So.So.Good! On a scale of 1 to even, I literally can't. It was everything! Lizetty was a BEAUTIFUL bride with so much grace and she and Joey hosted a marvelous event to celebrate their love. I'm beyond grateful to have been witness to it. Now, behold! A bajillion pictures to paint the landscape of the #dieliwedding: Some of my very favorite peoples: My man just being one g'lookin' son of a B! Gorgeous details for a fabulous couple: Lizette is a rock star and wanted to bake her own desserts so she, Danielle, and I (aka Sweet Teeth Dessert homies) did so and they were pretty damn fabulous: Anddddd some tequila shots for celebrating... Te-kill-ya! Not such the ease that age 22 allowed. Nooo, that's totally not drool on my chest... I wish Lizetty and Joey so much love, luck, a

Well, looky looky who we have here

I have been absent for a bit, no? I swear it wasn't on purpose. Life has got me moving in several directions and I am so thrilled and thankful! Things have been exciting and busy and keeping me running with every ounce of my being. I love and thrive for it! So in no particular order I have been... In a wedding and taking part in all the wonderful coinciding events leading up to a wedding. Seriously, my good friend got married and it was an AMAZING time from the start of planning all the way through the big day!! I'm sad it's over! But I'll be back to thoroughly blog about that in a day or two; Working on an incredibly and stupendously fabulous special assignment at work; Cooking a whole lot at home-thus cleaning up after working long, happily tiresome days; Baking with my girlfran business partners; Beginning the second phase of the Leadership Academy my company has; Loving my Hunter Bear and of course the Pepper-Roni, even if they were b