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Welcome to Ohgabetta!

My name is Megan and I'm so happy to have you stop by. This space serves as my virtual look-back book for all kinds of moments in my life. One of the best opportunities I've found from blogging here is the chance to go back and reflect on vacations, brunches, life events, milestones, challenges, and just appreciating the life I'm living.

The name Ohgabetta (pronounced: Ewh-ga-bet-tah) is derived from my Italian/Sicilian Nana, Theodora Carmella-also known as Tilly and Teddy. She used this term with the utmost of affection and to her it emphasized things she was excited for. When I was a little girl, she would say it as she squished me tight and kissed my face repeatedly.

Nana was a classy and dignified woman, with zest and spunk, charm and intelligence, and my God could the lady dress well! If my legacy is half of hers, then I will deem this life a success.

Fun Facts
(Because who doesn't love blogger fun facts?)

-Best opportunity I have: dogmother to my girls Pepper & Roni.

-The dogfather in our life is Hunter, who is my favorite person in the world, even if I list him after our girls. #MunterHegans

-Glitter is my favorite color.

-Criminal Minds is my favorite TV show ever.

-My ideal weekend: early rising to get in a few miles of exercise, brunching (at home or out), reading and napping simultaneously, binge watching Criminal Minds, then something like a food truck rally or new restaurant for dinner.

-Favorite foods: salmon, sushi from Summer Palace, asparagus, tomatoes, and all pasta.

-Baking and cooking: yessssssss!

-I love love love social media and am particularly fond of Twitter and Instagram. Facebook, ehh.

-Accessorizing and fashion are my everything. Any given day, there will be flowers in my hair, 4+ bracelets on my wrist, and something like a giant parrot ring adorning my digits.

-I have a bachelor's in Mass Communications and Writing and a master's in New Media Journalism. I also served as editor for the Highland's Elementary school newspaper. #GoBears #writerforlife

-I have never, repeat never, eaten a PB&J. I'm 30 years old BTW.

Just a glimpse at me.  Please sit and stay a while to chat.  Do you take cupcakes or cake pops with your tea?

Until we meet again,

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