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Tact is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip." ~Winston Churchill

I'd like to dedicate the title of this post to you, Monday. Although, I happen to be off work today and have already caught laundry up, exercised for an hour and a half, had lunch with a friend, and now I am posting here. I'll take a win for $500, Alex.

The weekend was fabulous. Among workouts and being outside with the dogters a whole bunch, we also started the Netflix series House of Cards and let me just say, wowwwww. We love it and ran through the first seven episodes of season 1 in one sitting. Kevin Spacey was phenomenal before this and now he is quite possibly my favorite actor ever. Cannot wait to resume it tonight.

We also visited with our Roberts family. Connor, aka Nonner, is more adorable every time I see him. He now gives his own high fives without prompting and also "bumps it" on your fist with his. To.die.for.people. And man does he love uncle Unner:

My Tori, I adore this darling girl:

Hmm, what else, what else. Ah yes, hair! Got my martian…

Every no you get in the business gets you that much closer to a yes -Tom Boyd

Some thoughts today, my friends:

I just spoke to someone about their ambitions and passion for their craft of videography. In short, it was empowering, inspiring, and completely mesmerizing to hear of the struggles and successes this person has equally experienced. It got me thinking of my love of writing. Everyone has their stories like this yes, but I feel especially for creative industries, you come to appreciate the fight to stay at it every day. You evolve and improve, you stay the same and regress, but you

I have been writing professionally since I was 10 years old. I wrote for my elementary school newspaper and my mom still displays my article from the local town paper. Well, the paper ran through all of the Treasure Coast, but I don't want to brag ;) I've also pursued writing academically for both undergrad and grad degrees and managed to study all variations of it: technical, creative, professional, news reporting. The commitment is real, y'all…

Stay strong, it's almost Friday

Monday. The spawn of Satan's favorite day. Ugh, some are worse than others, that's for sure. Today is currently a dreary kinda day too; gray skies, stagnant air, a bit of depression breezing throughout the trees. Looks like Monday showed up dressed in its finest. Oh well, this too shall pass and soon it will be Tuesday which is usually the better looking sister of week days.

But you know, always there is a silver lining. For instance, if we didn't have weekend recaps to live for, what do we have? I even had only one day off this weekend and I still managed to have an amazing evening and day off. Without further hatred towards Monday, shall we proceed?

A few of my favorites always. Like a pretty, pretty princess.

Lots of workouts. We walked, jogged, took dogs and it was splendid each time.

Farmer's Market kettle corn y'all. Enough said.

This girl. My heart, my life, my old gray face who is so smart she pulls the blanket you see on her up over herself. …

Keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there's so much to smile about -Marilyn Monroe

Fridayyyyyy, Friday. You ol' devil you. Thank all the happiness in the land for ya!

Let's KISS and go with a recap for some Friday Favorites of the week:

My man: Hunter is without a doubt one of the greatest people I could ever be blessed to have in my life and here's just a few reasons why(don't want it to go to his big beautiful head too much): he's comfortable to call my mom like he would his own and talk freely to her; he considers each of my friends a friend of his and laughs with them genuinely; he encourages my ambitions and offers insight when I ask and when I don't. He's not afraid to push me and that's okay because it's with intention, never malice and always supportive. Ugh, such mush, right? We'll leave it at that for now, like I said, no need to inflate too much.

Achievement and milestones: We are venturing into the land of home buying and considering the options. It feels good to know where we stand and reflect on all the hard…

Project Self-Love

I've been a big fan of Whitney over at I Wore Yoga Pants To Work for quite some time. She speaks honestly and has a hell of a sense of humor. We are roughly the same age and therefore her references to many things are fanfreakingtastic and from circa the same time I was growing up. Anyhow, as I scrolled my twitter feed and hit to view her post this AM, I sat mesmerized by her words. For the record, Whitney is never short on brilliant ideas to blog about and today was nothing less than this.

To surmise, Whitney discusses self love and begs the questions on loving yourself; not only looking for flaws in images; not dissecting pictures of yourself for for the sake of not seeing what you deem perfection; it's about looking beyond that and truly seeing the real life beauties in each of us and loving who we are in the background/day to day life of that picture. It's an amazing post and I really can't even do it justice to describe any better than her. Do yourself a fav…

Remember Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did but backwards and in high heels- Faith Whittesey

Happy early International Women's Day all! This momentous and celebratory event takes place March 8 so as one who is always down to begin the celebration sooner I say hooo-rayyy TODAY!

While there is much to be celebrated and many paths already paved, there is still work to be done. It's important for women to support one another, to encourage one another, to appreciate one another and to continue fighting for and preserving equality. And pretty much anything else we want. Why? Because woman is the ultimate being: women who raise families full time, their own and others; women who are up and out the door bright and early working in high rises or corn fields or on their way to play group; women who fight for all our freedoms whether in battle, in court, or at the playground; women who do it all!

There are many injustices in this world still ongoing and much work to keep putting in, but there is still lots of joy to be celebrated. Every day it is necessary to recognize the…

My wife Mary and I have been married for forty-seven years and not once have we had an argument serious enough to consider divorce; murder, yes, but divorce, never. -Jack Benny

Hunter and I are celebrating 7 years together this year. Say what?! Time has flown by and to say the least it's been overall enjoyable. I kid, it's a happy nightmare really. The guy is nuts, just like me. Only difference is he hides it with hearty blue eyes and a gracious smile. And he has an overall quieter demeanor. You know the Swiffer commercial with Lee and Morty, the 90 year old couple who clean together? Well, Lee cleans and Morty helps her not fall off the step ladder. Then Lee is chatting away about the Swiffer yelling "MORTY, are ya listenin'" in that adorable Seinfeld-dy accent? And Morty is dozing on the couch pretending he is in fact listening? To the tee, my friends; just a day in the life.

With all that said, Hunter and I very different. We agree to disagree often. Nothing catastrophic enough has caused one of us to pull a knife. But as I like to think, never say never. For all the difference however, there are a couple things we are q…