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B-L-E-S-S-E-D---Do you know what that means???

While doing what the kids do, "tweeting", I came across the always charismatic, the always passionate, the always advice giving Rev Run. His tweets are igniting, insightful and quite frankly a breath of fresh air. Today's words were especially wonderful: "Count your blessings..You'll feel better..Seriously count them right now..It'll make you feel better." Now, these words are not too detailed, not hard to grasp and oddly calming. I did exactly as the Rev told me to do: La Familia. As a whole they are crazy, wild, loving. They fight, bicker and but defend one another not in our bloodline. There is so much character in each of my family members (blood family or my Roberts family) it is infectious. I'm not right down the road anymore but this is probably why I absolutely appreciate and value them even more than I did when I was. My loving and supportive Hunter Bear. He is truly a good soul and tries so hard at everything he does. He takes care

Sweetly Fortunate

I feel sweet. That is my mood. Who knows how long it will stay. My hair is soft from the cold weather (thank GOD for less humidity, can I get a hot tub?!--you know the guy in the State Farm commercial, where they sing the jingle 'like a good neighbor', you know the rest), I went grocery shopping (always a blessed, good feeling filling your fridge), and Criminal Minds is on marathon. My day = satisfied. I'm happy to end a day feeling that way. Today, I contemplated so much; writing-where do I want to take my work from here? What could I do to further the progression of the next chapter. (Is it appropriate to insert the ever fun to say 'no pun intended'...does that apply here? I'm a writer, talking about the next chapter, like I write my life story, okay I'm moving on). I'm more than content with my writing outlets. I'm fortunate that I belong to two publication families and I thrive more and more for a passion I've always had. That's truly f

The Day Andy Rooney Died

The day Andy Rooney died I imagine Poppy in Heaven. I think if all the commotion- a "big name" is coming today. I hear Poppa- "Tee?!"--->(Calling out to Nana with his trademark sense of urgency) "Yes, Ralph."--->Nana(calm and sweet per her usual, arranging her perfume tray most likely) "What the hell's all that noise?" (Pop was prob startled and woken up from "resting his eyes") "Andy Rooney died today. He's in the elevator on his way up now." "Who? Andy Rooney?! Ahhhh Jesus Christ. I knew him!" He then recalls a time his path crossed with Andy or someone close to him. Poppy met some random, famous, weird, or eccentric people in his life. He had a story about each one of them too. Poppa-today I hope you and Andy cross paths again. I hope you "shoot craps" and sit with him to watch the sun come up. <3---Little Girl