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To the mommas

Such a random time of night that I'm coming to this space at.  For me at least.  I usually write much earlier than this.  I suppose I just got to thinking and felt like well why not? Somewhat of some randomness, but one of my oldest, closest friends had her first baby this morning.  He is a preciously delicious little lamb and that's strictly my thoughts via pictures.  I will meet him on Friday and I can't wait to bite his toes.  No, there is not need for child services, I just express my love in the form of nibbling.  I mean, come on!  Baby toes!!! Now, this is not my first friend to have a baby.  In fact, I have many nieces and nephews I adore.  This baby just got me thinking about mommas and the power there is in such a person.  My own momma has always been a shining star, super hero, end all fixer, hugger, lover, pusher, motivator, giver and the list goes on.  I can't ever say thank you enough to my own mom for all she has done or sacrificed in her own life for

The Help, Kourtney Kardashian, and a Digital Detox Walk into this Blog

I'm just stopping in here because I feel like I have a few minutes to myself to just babble.  These days babbling is hard to come by.  Who am I kidding; no it isn't! - Our business is great and keeping us busy.  We have goals in mind for more and new plans always excite/terrify/keep me running in circles.  More to come. -Pepper got her nails done this weekend and a fabulous bath.  Girlfran gets the pampering more than me these days! -Roni spins while she does everything.  Specifically but not limited to: going down the 16 stairs to our front door; when eating doggie ice cream; and as she leaps down from the couch.  It's a miracle she didn't get my equilibrium.  Sister sister must not get dizzy dizzy. -Kate Spade is my kryptonite and I am quite ok with this.  When I make my first mil, I know where at least half of its going. #halfkidding -How To Get Away With Murder = new favorite TV show. -Scott Disick is more than a moron for many reasons.  Like for real th

I'm a blogger, duh!

This is my 300th post!  I have worked so hard to get here.  I haven't been here in this space much the last few months so logging in today and seeing that was like exhaling a smooth ahhhhhh. Lately I've been working really hard for Social Cap with projects and exploring strategy.  It's definitely been fun, it's been intense and stressful, and I am exhausted any given day.  I read more inspirational quotes and memes than ever before in my life this far as well.  But by God, I am a proud small business owner. This is what goes into a brand new small business though.  I knew this going in and I stand by the services and work our team does and want to be exhausted.  I want to push and make myself work harder than I ever have to be able to justify all the chaos and all it's taken already this far. I admit I had to push to come here today but my dear old Ohgabetta page has been on my mind, much like Georgia for Ray Charles.  I've felt a lapse in my own creative