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Ready For Fall

Yea, I said it.  I'm officially counting down for cooler days, scarves, my birthday, stews, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc, etc.                                  I'll be thrilled to wear cardigans/scarves again soon Ugh, just looking at that pic above is making my fingernails sweat.  It is bloody HOT in Florida in the summer, yes we know.  However, every year, I seem to believe more regularly "this is THE HOTTEST year, right???"  It's gross hot, instant headache inducing hot, I want to punch a penguin hot.  That last example is quite dramatic.  I have nothing against penguins other than during summer when they seem to always be in freezing climates. So with fall on my mind and my mind on fall, let's make this year's first quintessential blogger "I can't wait for fall!!" post: 1. I love how in fall an evening walk can happen before 8pm.  The sun and sky are gorge, the air more crisp, and just the overall vibe is peaceful. 2. I make c

Room For Us All

The internet and the world are so blehhhhh right now.  So much sadness and angst, wrongness and injustice, chaos and confusion.  I am sick, like many of you are too, I'm sure.  What can we do?  Is there one correct means to take?  Of Course!!!....Not.  Life ain't that easy, my peaches. It's times like this I lean on simpler things like: -loving a little harder to my peoples including but not limited to extra daily bear hugs from my bub -getting down on their level and hugging my pups more often -taking in suns setting and moons rising with more appreciation -baking banana squash bread in the middle of the afternoon -praying more throughout the day, talking to God out loud, looking for direction this way -wearing two neon colored flowers in my hair at a time -smiling at random strangers and saying hello as we pass by -cucumber water. Could be the stress of our world, could be the 100 degree temps.  Utterly refreshing -social media step-aways. Now, I work in socia

3 Things

I love this 3 Things series I've factored in to my repertoire.  You know, for those moments when you feel like writing but don't necessarily have a set topic. 1. I am obsessed with this song: Ob.sessed.  Just ask poor Hunter, Lol.  It's not brand new at all but it's just so precious.  It's a feel good anthem to just hop around to.  I think it's a safe assumption we could all use a bit more of the feel good hopping right now, no? 2. I initially wrote out some thoughts on Kim K releasing the Taylor Swift recording.  My thoughts are still developing though.  This type of situation piques my interest because I am a fan of Pop Culture and always studying artistic integrity.  Yes, I do see this as partly based on the latter.  I'm going to read up on this developing scenario and craft my opinion with time.  That's something as media professionals we all could stand to honor a bit more I think. 3. I'm a long time Essie nail polish gal.  LOVE the stu

Omg I'm Beyoncé

One of the most satisfying moments creatively is receiving really great feedback.  Leading up to this of course is working very hard and going over revisions and deadlines extended and hold ups and then progress and ultimately redesign and finalization. This is something Hunter and I both enjoy because the creative process defines you further in our field.  You work to understand ideas from clients and bring that to life and from the word hello it's enthralling.  I love consulting with someone and that developing into a full blown collaboration because the process is magical. I adore amazing our clients and seeing them smile and hearing them express we got their vision right.  I hope the awesome continues.  But not just hope, we're working for it every single day. Talk soon, stay creative, Megan

Working for Social Cap

My new professional life is in full swing.  I am so so grateful to start every day brewing a cup of fab and fierceness, getting into the office (across from my bedroom), checking the list made the end of day before for organized reference on a new morning, and grinding on multiple projects because if I or Hunter doesn't who's going to do it??? Life of a small business owner and I wouldn't change it for a minute! We are growing and sorting what works, what can use improvement, we hustle and flow.  It's the stuff dreams are made of honestly.  I don't take it for granted and recognize that I've been working towards this my entire working career and for that I am so appreciative. This far in my life, my professional background is in hospitality, higher education, editorial journalism, and corporate communications.  I value these experiences and industries tremendously but I gotta say, I will work 80 hours a week for ourselves instead of 40 for anot

Homemade Summer Veggie Sandwich

I needed a quick fresh meal for lunch and decided a veggie sandwich with homemade avocado buffalo sauce smeared all ovaaaaa it would be just fab. I love summer veggies so squash and asparagus are on constant reorder for us this time of year.  I pan sautéed them in a teaspoon of olive oil just enough to crisp them.  I grabbed some spinach and honest to God I massaged it with less than a teaspoon of Newman's Italian Family Recipe dressing.  Who am I??  I spend my meal making time massaging greens??  You know how I know you're 30... Anyhow, it was the mixture I created of fresh avocado with medium buffalo sauce that realllllly set this yummy dish off.  Talk about a marvelous flavor combo!  Finally I sprinkled a lil'parmesan over the top and bam.  Lunch was had. I love meals like this.  It took me 15 minutes total and was a dance party of flavor among my taste buds.  Homemade and healthy for the win always. Let's meet again, M