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When smartwater asks...

Today smartwater tweeted : “we’re inspired by the clouds every day. what inspires you?” And this got me thinking… I’m not very good at picking one thing. Ever. I love lists, I adore semi colons, and I’m more than a little wordy in 109% of every thing I say or do. Needless to say, the thought of picking one thing that inspires me daily, is a smidge challenging. A good challenge though and one that I accept! Initially, love came to mind. Good ol’L-O-V-E. Aww, how sweet, right? Love from my people, love for them, love of things, all of it. Then I thought about it more and realized that while love is grand, maybe that’s not the thing that inspires me. Motivates yes, but inspire? Hmm… Passion… Words… Tales of strength… Family… Ambition… Well shoot. I’m failing rather well at picking one thing that confidently surmises what inspires me, ay? And as I contemplate, it comes to me! Life. Plain old day to day life inspires me tremendously. Be it the happiness from

Tuesday Top Ten

This week, we shall review a top ten of news stories, that I believe are capable of making you cry, laugh, or think in dramatic excess, which is basically just how I roll: 1. This story about the older man and his 3 year old neighbor being BFFs is the sweetest, most unexpected gut punch I've had in a while. I mean, Erling Kindem, the adorable 89 year old WWII war vet in the story, saying he cried when the kid left? I can't. More feel good came from it, desipte the water buckets I cried when first reading it, so I list it first. 2. I personally believe Women's Health knocked this list of their own out of the park. The title is 15 Ways to Make People Smile Every Day and man, it made me smile just reading it. Can we all agree a few more kind gestures a day from each of us wouldn't be the worst rally we could form? 3. This article from E! News on 51 Movies You Just Have to Watch Any Time They Come on TV brought me the giggles because of all the funny one

Staying Cool

via It is like these words just get me. Just like that, when you need a sign, something like this appears. I've seen this picture and read the quote before, but it is positively refreshing to stumble on again. We all can be guilty of planning a little too much, setting certain expectations, or drifting in to a sea of thought like, "This is not how it is supposed to go!" Who says? You? Me? A higher entity or greater than the average bear being? I Dunno. Could not tell you if I had to. And that's okay. The important thing is to remember this simple advice. Stay cool . I like staying cool. This could work for me... How about you? How do you feel about 26 plans? Til we meet again, M

Do you do what makes your soul happy?

Live! From not New York! It's meeee from my couch! That's right. I am taking the rest of Sunday off. Please hold my messages and forward any concerns to PepperRoni Productions. Aside from blogging now, and maybe a few additional posts to be scheduled for this week, I am kicking back. I don't feel bad; I've already gone for a hearty walk, grocery shopped, and laundry is actively going. Laundry I don't mind. It's more therapeutic than daunting. This may not seem like much, but I am usually so go-go-go. Oh, this is done? Great, now you can factor in ___. How about National Relaxation Day was this past Friday for $200, Alex? Guess who could not participate, due to a little known responsibility called work? This girl. So here we are this afternoon. I shall fore go the extra scrubbing the house could stand, I will not be bathing Roni as planned, and I've got two of the good pillows from the bedroom on my couch with me. And of course my DVR goodnes

A man is not very tired. He is exhausted

via I know. This is days after the initial blow of learning that this wonderful human being's life ended. What in the world. Talk about a cherished existence. The man my parents still rave about because of his stand up comedy, the man who forever changed the way I say "Hellloooooo" in an older British woman's voice, this great giant. How sad. I feel for the fact that Robin hit a level from which he could not rise. Depression, anxiety, stress are awful beasts. I do not believe in the mentality, that someone who takes their life is selfish. Sure, it's not the kindest thing to leave behind for loved ones to cope with, but if something has it's grasp on a person, well, choices are made. It is devastating that there is still so much stigma for diseases like depression and anxiety. What?! Get the hell out of here with that mess. I would not wish it upon the biggest naysayer even to prove a point. So, to that, I say screw the assholes saying derogat

Thursdays are for the dogs

I mean, who is running this place? Til we meet again, M

Tales of my fabulous engagement ring

I love my engagement ring to death. I love the story of where it comes from, how Hunter went about designing it, the sad but "everything happens for a reason" part of the story, all of it. Since I am such a die hard costume jewelry wearer on the daily, Hunter loves that he is the one to find a piece of good jewelry I will wear every day. Which is rather impressive, seeing as I have a beautiful collection of real goods from the span of my almost 29 years on this planet. I still have my first ever little bambino gold bangle even. Evidence: I'm serious when I tell you I was the only 1st grader with pinky rings, real gold bracelets, and some crimped hair at catholic school. Anyway, two years ago this September, Hunter pulled off the other impossible, and that is surprising me. I am the person who does not let observations go unnoticed. I am not easy to catch off guard, nor do I like not being in the loop on things. See also: previous post about controlling natur

Self Evaluation: Decompressed with a side of balance

Decompressing. That's what I would describe as my mood lately. I've been a wee bit stressed and I'm not exactly sure why. Sure, I can always say work, or lots of events going on outside of work, you know, feeling like I'm always go-go-going. Oh but what about a workout? Laundry? Reading/writing/editing?? But that is the world I live in, chosen indeed. The city I reside in is a fast paced, active place. Naturally, overwhelmed is a quick jump away from any location in these parts. But it is what I hate while loving it too. I think having lived here for eight years now, I find myself more in tune with this city like never before. I no longer get lost on highways or back streets, even in the heart of downtown, mind you. I feel the same sense of familiarity I knew so well from my hometown. Having spent 20 years in that city, now I'm over halfway to half of that here. So, with all that defined, I am tired and stressed out. Stress is a fickle thing, really

My girl Jordie

Jordan Lynn, You are 23 years old today and that is so mind blowing. Six years of age are between us, and you were one of my first best friends, my real life baby doll, and my partner in crime early on. You've always been you and I love that. Your spirit is full and creative and it's contagious. I love you and I'm proud of you I wish you love and all the goodness you can stand this 23rd year of life. You're a rock star, my girl. Happiest birthday to you! *older pics courtesy of aunt lisa Muah!!! Til we meet again, Meggie

Project Surprise Engagement Dinner-Check!

For the past 2-ish months, my good friend Jenny and I have been behind the orchestration of a surprise engagement dinner for our good friend Lizette. We all have worked together the last 4-ish years and have grown to be such good friends. In my humble opinion, Lizette has got the most amazingly sharp wit in all of Orlando, and Jenny has the biggest heart of anyone I have ever met. These girls mean the world to me and I had the most fun ever with Jenny gallivanting to plan and secure the secret of this dinner party for Lizette. We invited her nearest and dearest family and friends and everyone did a great job keeping the surprise element of the plans. Once we all made it to the actual dinner, we got good laughs at the numerous ways 10 people almost dropped the ball when talking to Lizette at different times the last few weeks. We chose the location of Cooper's Hawk and Winery , which if I'm being honest, I'm getting closer and closer to being the joint's ambass

Teeange Recollection: Magazine Walls

I was twirling through the latest pages of People Style Watch , when I came upon a full, 2 paged ad. It was for a "Live In Levi's" campaign in particular, with a precious line that says "Fall Head Over Heels". It shows an adorably lovey and giddy girl and guy, in a cute pose to compliment the expression: What occurred to me was not only the cuteness I saw now, but the appeal this would have had for me from ages 12-17 as well. I definitely loved having insane amounts of magazine pages sprawled across my walls. The more, the merrier, and by merrier I mean every square inch was covered. Pac Sun, Calvin Klein, and Express were among my faves. The seemingly quirkier the expression on an ad was, the more likely it would end up part of my woman made wallpaper. All this, of course, would have been lonely without JTT and Joseph Gordon Levitt, along side the original creations of my friends in the form of quote boards. Quote boards, both ripped whole from ma