Saturday, April 18, 2015

Colorful Life

Today we went to brunch and enjoyed lovely outdoor seating with a bit of shade. We sipped mimosas, blueberry raspberry for me, orange blueberry for Hunty, and both were quite quenching. For the Instagram Photo Challenge I've been participating in, today called for #colorfullife as our theme. I feel my capture of imagery exemplifies a pretty and dainty springtime look at some col-lah.

Interestingly enough, our conversation centered on ambitions and aspirations for ventures that would offer a very colorful life. Both Hunter and I have thought for a while about pursuing some different interests, mostly along the lines of entrepreneurship. We both are creatively driven and eager to build a successful opportunity that will continuously grow.

I'm excited to see what develops, after all I'm not afraid to live colorfully. I'm more afraid to live in dull shades. I mean hello, have you seen some of my outfit posts?

Until we meet again,

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