Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hustle Bustle


Damnnnnn. That's a fact in fact. Seriously, no truer a statement has hit me like this one in quite some time. I've been focused on being zen lately and while it's good, I do well with hustle. When I have to balance a few plates, wear a few hats, I usually kick ass at it.

I have so many visions and creative expressions to make, I very much need to give my ambitions a push to the tush. I've been neglecting my creative self and now I'm yearning for it. I've been on an indefinite reprieve and I needdddd to get up and at 'em again.

I must give respect to being a bit more zen. And I realize more than ever balance is pivotal. It's not good to swarm yourself all day with too much of anything; work and school in particular. It's important that I make time for as much calm as chaos.

Anyhow, random thoughts. Ones that feel good. Hustle up and out peeps.

Until we meet again,

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