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Whatchu Doing Meh-gan

Listening: I hear the pitter patter of little Roni's feet hustling from the kitchen. It's a swift cadence of shuffle like thumps. She takes her food from her bowl, in mouthfuls of about 3-8 pebbles. Yes we have seen that little little fox drop up to 8 several times and ten like once. Boo boo likes her food/snacks. She's a solid little rascal.

Thinking: I am launching a multimedia consultation business. There. Accountability at its finest folks. Feeling stressed and partial to nauseous about so much uncertainty, Megan? Ease your nerves by making a declaration through the interweb! I feel more inspired and intentional than anything so hopefully that continues to outweigh the nervousness.

Feeling informed/motivated/ready for a happy dance: I met with my career advisor last week and also attended a uniquely blended creativity event. The company I work for now has a core value to "learn and grow always". I'm aware in little ways all the time how my company motivates me and this is one lately. I appreciate the culture more than I know sometimes.

Looking: at my phone to type this, Criminal Minds on the tv, and Roni's itty bitty body sprawled across the couch. Pepper is in bed for the night with her boy. Hunter was exhausted so he hit the hay and pepper does not let her boy out of sight for bed time, extra when he's a little under the weather too. A dogs heart y'all.

Reading: This. This fabulous article is a shout out to me and my peeps hitting 29. For me, this list is perfect. 29. 29. My last year of twenties. Well That's terrifyingly good. Trust me I know, getting older is a privilege denied to many. I'm just antsy.

Writing next: a post dedicated to the top ten things id like to say to commemorate being out of high school. I have officially surpassed the date of walking off a football field. I'm feeling the proper blend of reflective and sarcastic so it's going to be fun developing that piece.

I'm also writing some of the strategic and logistical outlines for this biz dream. Basically, I'm trying to knock off a chunk of to dos and keep focused. I have my first deadline for it in another week so yea operation #hustle is full effect.

Head over heels: for my hunter. Aww, so sentimental right? It's his birthday so I'm extra out of my mind happy that he is my boo.

And last, I am just smitten and upside down in heels giddy with this amazing new selfie from Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon. Just yes!

They WERE the first selfie takers! Love this over and over.

Alright, I'm having some fruity loops and then it's sleep for me.

Til we meet again,


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