Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A party without cake is just a meeting -Julia Child

I'm just gonna go ahead and add this to the good file of baking adventures. I simply bought a box of Krusteaz and followed the recipe on the very bottom of the box, the extra one with cream cheese added. Man oh man oh man. It was easy peazy.

I was inspired to try the lemon lovies because of Pinterest this past weekend. Every.single.pin was relative to lemon this, lemon that. So enough was enough! I made them and we tried a couple, and while good, one can only pucker up for some lemony goodness so much. I recalled that we had a team meeting Monday, so I promptly chopped the little beauties into bite sized morsels and away I went bearing goodies.

I have to say this is top 3 of easiest recipes to follow along with for quite a delectable outcome. Nothing like some lemon to get you moving and grooving in sweet summah time.

Til we meet again,

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