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At Last! Person Who Hung Moon Discovered!

Mommy Dearest: This same woman who calls me EVERY time the Animal Planet has monkeys swinging from tree to tree, with a sense of urgency not unlike a person running from a burning building, to tell me the unseen footage aka my baby videos that she "didn't sell" is on. Um...Thanks....

The number one person you want to call when its good, bad or indifferent is mom. When she's not around the only person even slightly comparable is any superhero free form saving the world that minute.

Among several nicknames I've affectionately referred to her as Momma Love since seeing the movie The Client. It's a shame my mom didn't have more children besides me because she definitely holds enough heart and dedication to have raised a small army. In high school it wasn't unheard of any given Sunday for me to walk in from work to find a couple friends already setting the table for Sunday dinner or even on the couch, feet kicked up, not even looking directly at me with the remote in their hand like "Hey, dinner will be ready around 4." True story.

There were times that I would come home to find a friend there because they simply felt there was nowhere else to go. "Momma Kathy" as some came to know her, treated my friends with respect and not like they were just silly teenagers. She never told anyone how horrible of a mistake they made or were possibly going to make, unless asked. She understood the importance of self learning and even better she understood what it meant to know you had someone there who, if in fact you did fail, would talk to you, let you talk or simply offer you a hug and a homemade canoli.

There weren't always wonderful moments. I gave my mom a run for her money and tested every last nerve. At a time known as the teenage years, or life sentence as I'm sure she often confused them with, I knew how to push the envelope. I absolutely caused some beauty marks, aka wrinkles and a few sleepless nights I'm sure of it. Fortunately we survived moments we both found debatable.

Mom encouraged my creativity even when it was consumed with monkey farms I hoped to attain or the baby doll stroller I converted into a wheelchair when I was six to keep around for when she got old. We're not in Kansas anymore weird kid alert. She couldn't really wonder too much about my absurdities because she fueled my "uniqueness." Her free time was often consumed with kidnapping my stuffed animals and leaving ransom notes with detailed instructions. BTW- she did this through high school.

She didn't think it was odd when at age nine I wanted to be a dead barbie doll for Halloween. She simply chopped up her silk pajamas and created a Matel label and delegated my dad to create an ax headband stat. When I said I had to be a village person in the Christmas play circa the days of Jesus, she made sure I stood out in the most royal blue "rags" she could find. When I complained that the other kids made fun of my brightly hued ensemble saying I stuck out in the video at school the following Monday she merely replied "Oh honey that's your color!"

She's told me since I could understand her words that I was put on this Earth to do something wonderful. She never told me what I would do so great, which that alone makes her a great mother, but just simply assured me it was true. Whether everyone's mom tells them that or not, it doesn't matter. My mom did and didn't care when I said "You're just saying that because you're my mom..."

Thank you to my mother for giving your all. I am eternally grateful to you for it and one day I will make it right by paying you back somehow for everything you've ever given for me and to me. I don't know how yet but let's just say an electric scooter is definitely in your future. You've more than earned it.

Knizzle for shizzle <3

the Boo Boo Kitty


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