Friday, May 6, 2011

"I had a pretty poor start...but I had a good finish."---C.S.Choules

Some believe in destiny, some believe in fate but I believe happiness is something we create. ---Sugarland

I'm all about happy news stories, even sad happy ones. Sometimes I get lost in my day to day as a means of always staying on top of my obligations-commitments-projects etc. I always do much better when I have numerous things to cross off the daily to do list. What can I say? Thriving chaos suits. When lucky enough, I stumble upon something that will remind me to come up for air and it's a refreshing, thankful time.

The story below was this week's clarity inducing moment. To anyone who may need to step back for a minute, read this and may you do nothing but enjoy :)|main5|dl3|sec3_lnk1|60767

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