Friday, July 1, 2016

Homemade Summer Veggie Sandwich

I needed a quick fresh meal for lunch and decided a veggie sandwich with homemade avocado buffalo sauce smeared all ovaaaaa it would be just fab.

I love summer veggies so squash and asparagus are on constant reorder for us this time of year.  I pan sautéed them in a teaspoon of olive oil just enough to crisp them.  I grabbed some spinach and honest to God I massaged it with less than a teaspoon of Newman's Italian Family Recipe dressing.  Who am I??  I spend my meal making time massaging greens??  You know how I know you're 30...

Anyhow, it was the mixture I created of fresh avocado with medium buffalo sauce that realllllly set this yummy dish off.  Talk about a marvelous flavor combo!  Finally I sprinkled a lil'parmesan over the top and bam.  Lunch was had.

I love meals like this.  It took me 15 minutes total and was a dance party of flavor among my taste buds.  Homemade and healthy for the win always.

Let's meet again,

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