Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Feel Good Vibes

You know what I think?  Good, I'm glad you asked.

I have a few favorite kind of vibes to catch:
Kickin' back in my mouse kicks with a good book and a great nail color to splash on.

A fresh made clean breakfast of avocado toast, turkey bacon, sliced toms, and a sunny side up egg.  Oh and a cup of Starbucks Blonde roast, cream and sugar on the side, thank ya.

This mentality lived out.  I like to wish upon thoughts and dreams and in turn DO them.  One hand washes the other. 

A home made meal for my man.  And for me too, of course.  But I do extra love making a meal that Hunter especially appreciates.  This was creamy Parmesan risotto, sauteed lemon Parmesan spinach, and lemon butter scallops with homemade garlic toast.

These are some of my confessions favorite things for feel good vibes.

Let's meet again,

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