Friday, February 26, 2016

Homemade Pita Chips with Smashed Avocado

The other night I was resting from this ailment I'm plagued with and I got hungry. I didn't want anything heavy but rather filling. I was watching Teen Mom actually and Maci and her friend has just ordered guac and that sounded delicious.  I went to the kitchen and scoured for what I could make of similar nature.

I took a flour wrap and ripped into pieces, sprayed some olive oil mist over them, sprinkled garlic powder and sea salt over top, then broiled for 6 mins, flipping halfway through.  Homemade pita chips essentially.  I paired with smashed up avocado, tomato and garlic.  A light yet filling, perfect healthy snack.  Now just to kick the ol'bronchitis and I'll be the happiest little lamb.  #enoughcougingalready

Let's meet again,

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