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Currently, I have bronchitis.  Yayyy.

Yea, that's sarcasm.  It's total BS.  I avoided so many germs and grime around work that have been circulating for over a month so overall I shouldn't complain.  It still sucks.  Anyway, I appreciate modern medicine and the opportunity to obtain said meds to nurse myself back.  And honestly, when your doctor says enough doing, go ahead and rest, well, who would I be to ignore doc's advisement?

I decided no better time to throw some words at le screen in attempt to stop talking so much.  Out loud, at least.  Let's see, what's currently up...

Currently watching: Blue Bloods as I recoop.  Per doctor's orders for resting of self and voice, I figured no better time to start a new binge and immerse myself in other people's yapping.  I've always heard great things about this show and I must say I'm in agreement.

I love the cast; the actors are excellent and provide their roles true justice. No pun intended, ya know, seeing as its a cop drama.  I have quite a bit of family in Law Enforcement and Public Service careers so I appreciate the characters very much.  Plus, I absolutely love crime dramas so it's really a no brainer that this fits my TV show style.

Currently eating/drinking: chamomile tea with 7 lbs of honey per helping, 100.4 ounces of water (I have a big ol'jug that measures this), Natalie's-only one of the yummiest OJ's around, and good ol' sicky people alement juice, Ginger Ale.  My Poppy would be so proud.  Hydration was definitely an area of opportunity for me as a kid when not well.

I am on a rice and apple sauce kick.  Which to be honest, I eat this often not just when sick.  It's one of my favorite comfort meals.  And at this point, I would definitely qualify cough drops as a food group.  Back to that sarcastic yay feeling.

Currently working: on ways to grow our business.  I've mentioned it here before but Hunter and I own and operate a social media and digital new media agency, The Social Cap.  It's a dream and I definitely feel the passion for it grow every day and also the pressure and excitement to make it succeed.  The American Dream, ain't it?

Also working on a fiction piece.  I had an idea come to me over Thanksgiving and have been building out the basics since.  I'm pretty excited because I've longed for creative writing inspo to hit me again for some time.  To be continued...

Currently thinking: about the art of blogging.  It's wild to imagine how blogging has grown and evolved and shaped itself into its very own entity.  It occurred to me just today that a whole new wave of bloggers are coming into their own.  Schools are teaching it in classes more than ever which speaks volumes of posts (Get it? Ta- da- dum).

May will be five years this little literary beauty has been part of my life and I'm proud of that.  I look back and think wow, that is a lot of recollection.  Memories, writing samples, recipes, good, good stuff.

Currently remembering: my Nana.  The very lady this here blog is named in respect to.  Her passing anniversary was 2 days ago.  17 years ago and it feels like yesterday.  It's crazy what I remember about her.

I can still hear her voice and how she would say Meggie;
I still see her style of fashion and the shoes she would wear;
I still smell her perfume tray;
I can still close my eyes and feel the secret stash of unique tins of cookies and candies under her side of the bed.

She had these two belts in particular, they were circular pieces held together and they were accordion style so they stretched and would cinch at the waist.  One was silver, one gold, and man I loved those belts.  Her jewelry too; she had a thick gold charm bracelet with all various charms suited to her loves in life.  And her colorful button earrings!  Man, she made those things cool before Forever 21 made them retro.

By the time she passed away her Alzheimer's had her pretty bad off the last few years of her life.  I'm thankful for the impact she made when she was her whole self in the years prior.  Thank God those years and memories outweigh the latter.  Just goes to show the special nature of the lady.

Well friends, I hope your current happenings are full of love, laughter, and plenty of hydration.  Stay well, people!

Let's meet again,


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