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When a Man Loves a Mouse

Once upon a time two weeks ago, I was minding my own business, when the seductress of my dreams sent me an email.  Yes, that's right; my dreammaker known as Kate Spade, emails me weekly.  It's kind of our thing, she emails me stylish and fabulous things, and I drool and suck the air out of the room gasping with delight at alll the pretty things.

This particular email, with a subject of Into the Wild, made mention of new goodies on her website.  I said to myself, "Don't even look.  You're not in the market.  You have enough leopard.  You don't care for zebra.  Maybe just a peek to assure yourself."  By the way, welcome to my inner thought process.

As soon as I clicked, my heart stopped, my jaw dropped, my good intentions went out the window.  There, in all her glory, as part of the Cat's Meow Collection, was a MOUSE satchel!!!!!!

Quick back story: My grandpa has called me Megan Mouse my entire life.  He does a happy squeal and giddy giggle as he says "heyyy Meggie Mouseee" whenever I see him.  He buys me mice often; he scours eBay and my collection is well over 65 between ceramic figurines, stuffed toys, and various other things like a Christmas train with about 15 mice on it alone.

This has created many spin off names from other loved ones as well, including but not limited to: Meg Mouse, Rat, Mousey, Meese.  Basically, mouse is my thing.

Back to my email, I of course told my Hunter Bear out of excitement, and really, a little bit of madness.  I NEEDED THAT MOUSE.  I was adamant it would sell out and what should I do??  WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?!  Hunter, as he often does, calmly assured me to take it easy, have some cheese, and to wait it out because my birthday is right around the corner.

Ugh. Wait it out?  But it will sell out! I just know it!  Despite my crazy thoughts, I decided to leave it alone and made peace with the idea that I should wait.  If it was meant to be, it would be avail later on, yada, yada, yada, gag, gag, gag.

Flash forward to me getting home from work a few hours later.  Some of my little whiskered friends surrounded something so special, so pretty, so perfect!

                                                      Meet Thea!!!!!!!!!(Short for Theadora, after my Nana)

My always kind, loving, charming, captivating, and the biggest supporter of my crazy, my HUNTER BEAR had gone on a trek all over the great city of Orlando and retrieved the last one in all the stores available to buy!!!!!!

Hunter said it was too perfect to pass up as an early birthday gift for my upcoming 30th and he just hoped he threw me off the scent so he could take care of it.  He was literally googling as I was babbling chatting on and on about her perfection.

There is not a day that goes by where I don't see/feel/experience how good of a man Hunter is.  I couldn't be more thankful for all the ways he is good to me.  I love love love him!

                                    MEGAN + HUNTER + THEA = FOREVER & ALWAYS

Until we meet again,


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