Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Splashes of Yellow and Hints of Pink

Today is the last day of #20HappyDaysInMay, which has been hosted by the always hilarious The Daily Tay. I jumped right into this Instagram photo challenge after doing Helene's #30Photosinbetween challenge. I made both challenges my own and chose to blog about each photo topic, each day as well.

Well the results are in and out of 50 days of blogging opportunities, I only missed two posts! They happened to be yesterday and the day before so my endurance game held strong. I'm pleased.

Blogging is the best and I'm really enjoying finding ways to push myself to stay at it more consistently. I have a few ideas that I've been inspired to chat about so stay tuned for some fashion, food, and weekending adventure updates coming to a blog near you! (This blog, they're coming to this blog ;))

For the last of the #20HappyDaysInMay challenge, I give you muah, a la splashes of yellow and hints of pink:

Until we meet again,

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