Wednesday, May 6, 2015


I used to read for leisure a lot. I got away from it a bit, mostly because of commitments to school reading material the last few years. Such a poor excuse but it's all I got.

After making a vow to myself to get better at this again, I'm proud to report I am succeeding. Since finishing Bossy Pants and The List last week, which were such excellent reads, I am on to the next.

Currently, I'm reading Not That Type of Girl by Siobhan Vivian, also the author of The List , which I clearly can't stop raving about. That's what happens when you're an amazing author. I have plans to get two other books of hers as well.

This past weekend, we cleaned and organized that bookshelf above in le pic, making it much easier to find a good read. Gang's all here; professional literature, fictional fun reads, and my beloved biographies are all present and accounted for. So many #favsinagram just living the good life!

How do you keep tabs on your books?

Until we met again,

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