Sunday, August 17, 2014

Do you do what makes your soul happy?

Live! From not New York! It's meeee from my couch! That's right. I am taking the rest of Sunday off. Please hold my messages and forward any concerns to PepperRoni Productions. Aside from blogging now, and maybe a few additional posts to be scheduled for this week, I am kicking back. I don't feel bad; I've already gone for a hearty walk, grocery shopped, and laundry is actively going. Laundry I don't mind. It's more therapeutic than daunting.

This may not seem like much, but I am usually so go-go-go. Oh, this is done? Great, now you can factor in ___. How about National Relaxation Day was this past Friday for $200, Alex? Guess who could not participate, due to a little known responsibility called work? This girl. So here we are this afternoon. I shall fore go the extra scrubbing the house could stand, I will not be bathing Roni as planned, and I've got two of the good pillows from the bedroom on my couch with me. And of course my DVR goodness. 22 Year old me, loved a good Sunday Funday full of mimosas, pools, and BBQ, while almost 29 year old me loves herself a good Sunday None Day, y'all.

While these things I speak of are so great, I also am making extra time for the non-things I appreciate. Like my mind and a focus on positivity. I mentioned last week that I was trying to incorporate meditation and reflection in my world. I am happy to report I am doing alright for a newbie. I mean, prior to now, I am that person in yoga class who prioritizes her grocery list in the back row. To turn off for a few and bring a natural kind of cadence to the moment, while not trying at all and just being...well...challenge accepted.

My goal right now is to maintain starting and ending the day with meditation practice. Between 15-20 minutes seems good. I am also shutting down from technology 1 hour before bed. My hope is to keep digitally detoxing more often because while it is great, and powerful, and the almighty way of our current world, it is exhausting to always feel attached to Twitter. Oh Twitter, you are my inspirational kryptonite. God love ya.

I also plan to get back to actual books. Books with pages...with know, the ones that offer mini vacations to a new place as each page turns? Bueller?

I hope your Sunday is wonderful wherever you are and this picture pretty much surmises this entire post:


Til we meet again,

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