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April showers bring lists of happy thoughts

I haven't posted yet this month and feel inclined to do something happy since the city of Orlando is currently experiencing an 85% chance of angel sweat. Yes, I said sweat; tears are too sad a comparison and angels work hard day and night so why wouldn't they be glistening heavily?

Erin from Two Thirds Hazel comes up with really exciting link ups and one from last week as resonated with me tremendously so without further explanation I'd like to take part and present my own list of 32 Things That Make Me Happy. Ah-hem:

1. Hunter. May seem obvious, may make you gag, but I love him to the moon and back and he is by far one of the happiest parts of my life all day, every day. Even when he leaves his clothes outside of the hamper 2.5 times a day.

2. Glitter. It's my favorite color. Gold, silver, rainbow, shades of pink, the long kind, the dot kind. It's all good.

3. Cupcakes, cake pops, and coconut macaroons. Any time there is the option, there is no option except go.

4. A really great bag; bright colored, strong patterned, label or no label, I love them all.

5. Francesca Boutique, Target, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor Loft, and TJ Maxx all in my closest shopping plaza. What more does a gal need?

6. PepperRoni- our dogters, my life. I didn't plan to list them so soon because I felt that starting this with Hunter was predictable enough. But their little puppy girl faces kept popping in my head each line I didn't list them. Mommy loves you punkins!

7. A fabulous cocktail ring. Or two. At once.

8. Grapefruit juice. From Indian River County no less. Represent!

9. Salmon. All glazes, with some sea salt, a little lemon, I love it all.

10. Encouraging people.

11. My cousins and sister. I am the oldest and therefore I feel like Cousin Hen and looking after them all is part of my role.

12. Cry-laughing. "Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion."- Steel Magnolias

13. Books. Funny, semi or full autobiographical if we're being specific.

14. My mom. Always. She always knows what to say, how to respond, and what advice to give.

15. My friends. They are God sent and the true gems of my life. Each brings unique qualities, unconditional love, and laughter to the table and for that I can not ask for a penny more.

16. Water. Plain, with cucumber, lemon, a splash of any other fruit wedge.

17. Italian, Mexican, Sushi. Mmmm. Mmm. Mmmmmmmm.

18. Naps. Under a cozy comforter. Fan on full blast. With pillows surrounding you. And no alarms set.

19. Outdoor walks and activities like tennis.

20. Our nephews and niece. I am awe struck by their sweetness and appreciation of all things.

21. Writing. Le duh.

22. Magazines for days.

23. Lipstick. Bright, deep, and fabulous. It all works.

24. TV shows like Criminal Minds, House of Cards, Awkward, House Hunters-stateside and Love It or List It. Especially when the option presents itself to binge watch multiple episodes in one sitting.

25. Making lists and organizing my planner.

26. Driving anywhere and having the radio playing continuous jams.

27. Pinterest. See also: ability to binge pin WHILST binge watching multiple said fave TV shows as mentioned in #24.

28. Hot shower after a long day or before the day even starts. I'm flexible.

29. Reminiscing with old friends and having evidence to assist such as pictures, videos, and memorabilia.

30. Decorating. Happy as a Park Ave housewife every time I am set loose to decor up a storm.

31. Paying bills. Say what??? Let me elaborate: being fortunate to cover my costs and be self sufficient. It's a beautiful thing.

32. Blogging. It's a world of knowledge, power, and good words shared by many. I love that there is room for everyone and their story. Come join in, the water's fine!

This was fun! I like stuff like this and it felt good to reassure myself there is a lot of things to make myself happy and even better, I could have kept going. I feel very fortunate for this alone and thankful for these 32 reminders of the good that consistently appears in my life.

Thanks again Erin, you hit it out of the stadium. Yankees stadium naturally :)

Til we meet again,


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