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Project Self-Love

I've been a big fan of Whitney over at I Wore Yoga Pants To Work for quite some time. She speaks honestly and has a hell of a sense of humor. We are roughly the same age and therefore her references to many things are fanfreakingtastic and from circa the same time I was growing up. Anyhow, as I scrolled my twitter feed and hit to view her post this AM, I sat mesmerized by her words. For the record, Whitney is never short on brilliant ideas to blog about and today was nothing less than this.

To surmise, Whitney discusses self love and begs the questions on loving yourself; not only looking for flaws in images; not dissecting pictures of yourself for for the sake of not seeing what you deem perfection; it's about looking beyond that and truly seeing the real life beauties in each of us and loving who we are in the background/day to day life of that picture. It's an amazing post and I really can't even do it justice to describe any better than her. Do yourself a favor and check it out asap.

The pictures I chose I do like, but I wouldn't say love at first glance. While it exudes happiness from the big grins and friendly poses, my under eye circles are on deck; my skin is it's usual Irishy-red tone, the angle of my face is pushing my chin to unflattering territory; my hair color was in between correction of highlights and my bangs are not perfect. Whew! What a way to tear myself up, huh?

But you know what I do love about it? There is no denying the happiness and love in this pic. That may or may not be from the afternoon adult bevvies consumed, but none the less, we are thrilled to be living this moment. With such genuine smiles, the kind where you can tell they were born out of laughter, how on earth did I have such a tough time putting this in a weekend recap post before?

Whitney helped me to remember to find beauty in the seemingly physical non "pretty". Why wouldn't this be pretty? How much freaking happier can two friends be? To further contribute to the concept behind Whitney's genius, I must say that something else I love in real life that this picture highlights is my laugh. My hard cackling, often embarrassingly loud, red faced, can't breathe, tears streaming laugh. I've often been told it is contagious and also been offered a glass of water for fear I am not okay due to the redness. Just like I've spent my life explaining in gym classes, it's okay people, I'm just Irish and my blood pressure is very normal.

So to finalize, this is what these pictures mean to me and the beauty that I aim to see more often. Kudos to loving your self all the time. Kudos to celebrating the beauty behind an "unpretty/unflattering/bad" picture. Kudos to Whitney for this end of week reminder.

Via I Wore Yoga Pants To Work


  1. This was so, so amazing. Seriouslyyyyy. Thank you for the amazing words, I'm stunned by how complimentary you were towards me. But also thank you for loving yourself... From the sounds of it, we'd clear out the entire Ale House (yeah, I'm creepy like that) with both of our cackling laughs.

  2. Ha! Not creepy at all! I meant every word-you did real good on this one ;)


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