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My wife Mary and I have been married for forty-seven years and not once have we had an argument serious enough to consider divorce; murder, yes, but divorce, never. -Jack Benny

Hunter and I are celebrating 7 years together this year. Say what?! Time has flown by and to say the least it's been overall enjoyable. I kid, it's a happy nightmare really. The guy is nuts, just like me. Only difference is he hides it with hearty blue eyes and a gracious smile. And he has an overall quieter demeanor. You know the Swiffer commercial with Lee and Morty, the 90 year old couple who clean together? Well, Lee cleans and Morty helps her not fall off the step ladder. Then Lee is chatting away about the Swiffer yelling "MORTY, are ya listenin'" in that adorable Seinfeld-dy accent? And Morty is dozing on the couch pretending he is in fact listening? To the tee, my friends; just a day in the life.

With all that said, Hunter and I very different. We agree to disagree often. Nothing catastrophic enough has caused one of us to pull a knife. But as I like to think, never say never. For all the difference however, there are a couple things we are quite in sync over: 1.) We could easily be content to never get married legally and 2.) We could easily be content to have only fur children. For always. Now these two details are nothing new for us, however I recently realized just how offbeat we do seem to others and why we get the stares when these details are shared.

At work yesterday, a colleague was filling out some 401k info and asked if I knew the 411 on where to fill in for a spouse for benefits for said 401 info. I advised I was not sure because when I hit the drop down box to update, I'm left asking my neighbor "Excuse me, but where is the 'heathens living in sin' option" which leads to laughs or stares. For the record I'm completely comfortable with either. My coworker giggled and then proceeded to ask her next seemingly "normal" question: What about kids? Where do I list that? Again, I answer, "Well, our kids have tails and therefore we once again are discriminated against."

I went home and told Hunter this and said "We are weird, aren't we? To the muggles?" And Hunter's always simple, yet dignified response? "Yes but I like it that way."

Ladies and gentlemen, let the defense show it rests its case. Adjourned! Dun-Dun. (Insert Law and Order intro sounds here).

Til we meet again,


  1. I think, without a doubt, that you wrote this from my brain. This post, word for word, is how I feel. I whole heartedly agree with you. So important to live the way that makes you happy regardless of what society thinks is the norm. More power to you! Happy for you and Hunter! I like him already :)

  2. Aww thanks Stay! Hope life is more than grand :):)


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