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Remember Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did but backwards and in high heels- Faith Whittesey

Happy early International Women's Day all! This momentous and celebratory event takes place March 8 so as one who is always down to begin the celebration sooner I say hooo-rayyy TODAY!

While there is much to be celebrated and many paths already paved, there is still work to be done. It's important for women to support one another, to encourage one another, to appreciate one another and to continue fighting for and preserving equality. And pretty much anything else we want. Why? Because woman is the ultimate being: women who raise families full time, their own and others; women who are up and out the door bright and early working in high rises or corn fields or on their way to play group; women who fight for all our freedoms whether in battle, in court, or at the playground; women who do it all!

There are many injustices in this world still ongoing and much work to keep putting in, but there is still lots of joy to be celebrated. Every day it is necessary to recognize the determination, the love, and the passion of this gender. And whether or not you are a woman by birth or identification, you deserve the opportunity to make that decision all on your own and to live the way that makes you happy.

Now, let me push my soapbox back under my desk. No need to have a work hazard. Let's talk about some amazingness that is being le lady. ***Since I am the living, breathing, glitter loving definition of a girly gal, don't be alarmed by my mostly girly favorites:

1. Lipstick. Specifically Clinique chubby sticks. Our gal Liz Taylor put it best: "Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together." Just yes.

2. The SHOES and JEWELS. I mean, really? Did anyone think this wouldn't be part of this conversation. Um, duh.

3. Heroes among us like Michelle Obama; Chelsea Handler; my best friends; Hillary Clinton; Ru Paul; Edith Head; Ellen; My Momma; Your momma; Jennifer Hudson; Miranda Lambert- just a mere, mere few examples of all the fabulous company that I say hell yes, I am proud to be in the company of.

4. The ability to dress it up and down. Yoga pants Tuesday and ball gown Wednesday do happen. And it is fabulous.

5. Our very own anthems such as Girls Just Want to Have Fun; (I Will)Surviv(or)-both Gloria Gaynor and Destiny Child versions; Wannabee; Just A Girl; BRB, going to jam real quick.

6. Being able to become academically educated as much as we want.

7. Birth control. Because I can choose to be in control and I can also choose to open my Rx right at the counter to ensure all is right and I can handle the stares from adorable little old judgmental men. Hi haters.

8. Tiaras whenever I want. Also see: ball cap. Question: Who doesn't love a girl in an old Braves cap just as much as when she is gussied up in her crown? Answer: No one I care to associate with.

9. Earning recognition for recognition sake. Man, woman, martian. Who did the work? They get the credit and the reward because of exactly that. Equality is important for progression.

10. This list is tiring so let's just pull from my barrette clips I wore constantly from Claire's circa 1996 that put it best: girlz rule/boyz drool. I kid, I kid...Kinda.

And if anyone does not acknowledge the happiness, the crazy, the love, the fire, the strength, the fear, the power of women, then you my friend can find your way into the nearest abyss. Girl Power!

For more information on this glorious day please visit here

Til me meet again,


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