Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Do all things with love

Hello to all and to all hello,

Wowza, Thanksgiving break was grrreat. We did it all: travel, food, family, friends, laughs, drinks, gatherings, homework. That last part is an eh, so-so feeling. Bitter because neither Hunter nor I could escape homework entirely but sweet because he is finishing up another semester of school and I am finalizing my thesis! In fact, I am taking a much needed break right now and escaping to the blog(see: holy)land to regain what sanity I can conjure up. Oy, I need to lie down for a week after this one kids.

Anyhow, we ventured back to my hometown this year to partake in some thankfulness and turkey. I introduced Tori, Hunter's babiest sister, to my happy and loud family. Good news is she survived wonderfully and I think she may even come back for another get together. I think. It was all good, everyone was in funny spirits, which is my favorite part about my family. Boy they can be quite humorous. Inappropriate but still humorous. I would not change a thing in fact.

I ventured out to one of the local watering holes with some girlfriends since our quaint, little hometown is known to attract all kinds of folk, both past and current residents, during holidays. It was fun to gather with people you knew at different times in your growing up life. My no longer baby girl cousin Jordan (She's 22! I could throw up) joined us and it was a trip to hang with her. She is beyond funny and so full of life and enjoyment. I saw many old friends and it was like time never passed. It was a good time had by all for sure. For those who say you can't go home again, I say sure you can. Just go home and get out to have a drinky to wrap your head around it.

On with it I say. Show the people the pictures!!

Chan Chan (cousin) and I taking completely normal pictures.

This girl. My girl. My Izzle and I preparing to head on out.

My Jordan. Homie for life.

My heart sings for these two cats.

This fool. Nestled like a turkey wedged between the couch. Of course we helped her out! After taking a series of pictures of course. Hey, she was totally content before we noticed. Snug as a bug my friends. We should all be so lucky to just let go and get cozy from time to time, amiright?

Another look at this cutie pie honey bun.

Woof, tis the season.

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