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A Little Wordy Recap for September

So September has come and gone and that is wonderful/sad. I love September because it is so transitional and has a fresh appeal. Such a good, love filled month so without further ado, away we go...........

I so got to cover Mall at Millenia Fashion Week and Watch here! It was challenging to capture shots in a packed crowd of people and exhilarating at the same time. If I could do this all day, err day, you betcha I would!

A mid month bach party with a theme of black ensembles and pink accessories caused me to commit myself to a group since I may just have a problem. Again, these are just some of my jeweled goodies that have some sort of pink in them. Shameful? Eh, maybe.

Then to coincide, while disassembling my outfit from the day one night, I looked down to actually catch myself saying "too much"? Obvi it was lack of sleep and I realized I is who I is:

I reached another yearly milestone of age and celebrated many times at many places with many folks. To feel so blessed? The thoughts, well wishes, love, and absolutely fabulous people I spent time with keep me in awe of my good fortunes:

Our youngest nephew Connor, aka Nonner as he calls himself (I die), hosted a birthday brunch at the Oviedo Townhouse and we chowed on some delish morsels of southern goodness to kick off the day before the actual day

Uh-oh, gifted new accessories? I definitely have a problem/blessing...

Beautiful cards that are absolutely so fabulous! These pups have been recrafted into decor for my work space, thankyouverymuch.

Speaking of my desk, some of dearest work lovies dolled my desk right on up. Be still my heart...

My love Hunty makes my heart sing each day but boy does he put up a good birthday!

I feel empowered to take on the next 7 years of age. I say 7 because I always heard of 7 year increments for hair and skin trends, well the same goes for state of mind. People always ask you if you feel different or older, it's almost cliche, but this year ironically no one has asked me and I'd actually be ready to offer a response that says yes, I do feel different.

I know much more about lots of things: saving vs spending; taking care of your body and mind equally; when to listen to your instinct and when to throw caution to the wind; learn to take time for self but know when you hustle too; know when to give your all and don't stop til it's great-it's ok to push limits on all fronts; it's okay to be afraid, it's not okay to not face fear; dragons exist and while fairy tales are highly fictitious, there can be so much good that comes from the overall theme; and lastly, if nothing else, optimism gets the job done.

So there we have it. If you made it this far, you deserve a cookie and possibly a beer. Either one, happy living til we meet again!



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