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Mean What I Say

So, um. Wow. I wasn't kidding with my last post title, huh? Well, it's true. August is a cruel month. Slowly, surely you say good bye to summer's lackadaisical appeal all while Satan himself breathes right over top of the world. It is so blasted hot it's almost like your skin melts and you need sunscreen just going to the mailbox. Ugh. Labor day could not come as quick as it ultimately did. We celebrated my sister's birthday (She turned 15, I threw up a little bit saying that) we raced go-karts and called it a day. She's a really cool kid. She marches to the beat of her own drum and has a strong sense of her self and it's beautiful. I am beyond excited she is the age she is and I think this is going to be fun the next few years.

School, school, school. Woof. I am so ready to finish yet I'm terrified when it will. It is going to feel so good when this is done yes, but I love school. I love to learn all that I am. I love to bitch about being tired from learning so much. Say what? Yes. it's true. I'm convinced you become slightly delirious around month 6 to 8. Delirious with passion, fire, the want for the end. It's absolutely exhilarating. If you ain't never felt this way about something, then I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems but education ain't one. Sorry, I've been on vacation a few days. Anywhoodles...

It is crazy talk I tell you that we are in fact onward to autumn. When I was filling out my new planner, which is teal and peach paisley printed (eek!), I saw the first official day of Autumn is proudly stamped as September 22nd. Wow! It's here, it's here!! I love love love the fall the best and it's so close I can smell the white hot chocolate brewing. Seriously, Starbucks White Hot Chocolate Forget the pumpkin coffee. White hot chocolate with pumpkin bread? Fagettuhboutit.

Ok, so. Back to some work. On top of school I am very fortunate to be working with a wonderful fashion site and I have an article due Thursday night. I'm covering an event tomorrow night right after work so I'm down to the this evening to get it done so I can proof it with fresh eyes Thursday morning. Wheeee for busy bees!

What I've been up to:

Vacation I said.

Ready for it? Huh, huh? Vacation. Organization.

Homemade brunch.

Baby cousin throwback pic. For cereal, where does the time go?

Five Guys, yes please. Always, just always.

Snuggle britches here likes to slither past me and get into bed again. I thought the 3 couches and spare bed were yours and this one is ours, Pep?

Wowzie. The big 1-7 in this pic I believe. My boo Ajean.

Fat, fat water rat. Golden Girls ref anyone?



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