Thursday, July 6, 2017

Booch, key lime pie, and an editor walk into a bar...

This was my afternoon the other day; I had a lengthy editing project, a shorter editing project, whipped up a fresh key lime pie because #summer, and an afternoon booch is what I crave these days.  I have to admit, while initially skeptical of the ol'kombucha craze, I am now a believer.  After much researching and asking questions from health gurus I admire, I jumped in, found a flavor I love, and as previously mentioned, I happily enjoy one a day.  I usually do so in the afternoon for an energy pick me up and prelude to an evening workout.  It's odd; while energizing yes, I also get a zen like feeling and it mellows me.  I'll take two cases for a million feel goods, Alex!

Hope your Thursday is productive and insightful and your gusto is strong to seek Friday ambitions.  Happy living, friends!


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